5 LOL Live Dealers That Had Stream Audience Rolling in the Aisle

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Live Dealers

Today, gamblers have access to live games like the ones in Raging Bull Casino. One thing that makes it appealing is the presence of real humans who facilitate the card distribution or other table games like baccarat and roulette. Live casinos feature real people behind cameras who talk to the players and make the game much more exciting than playing against software.

And because they are human, they also commit bumbling mistakes that make the players laugh out loud. Here are the top five on our list.


The Shawshank Lady

On a table, there was this fine-looking dealer who could not pronounce the title of the film Shawshank Redemption. It is a film released back in 1994, and it starred Morgan Freeman. Curiously enough, the dealer looked very young to even know this film.

She said that it is a good movie. Right from the start, it was pretty clear that English was not her mother tongue. The player was egging her to say the movie’s title once again. At first, the lady was hesitant because the player laughed at her the first time she said it.

The dealer kept saying “Shark Tail”. And when the player asked her to say it one more time, she said “Shark Tail Resentation.” And finally, the player asked on live chat, “Do you mean Shawshank Redemption?”

The lady said, “Yeah, Shark Tail Redemption.”


The Sneezing Mama

Understandably, we all get sick from time to time. And when we do, the normal course of action is to call in and skip work. But not for this dealer.

Blackjack in itself is a fun game. But nothing makes it funnier than a dealer who sneezes while dealing. Sneezing once is fine. But this one?

On a blackjack table, the female dealer got into a sneezing fit. She sneezed five consecutive times, stopped, and moaned while she inhaled air. And then she apologized. The way she moaned looked like she was at the mercy of whatever it was that made her sneeze. You know how it is when it seems like one isn’t done sneezing yet, right?

She apologized after her fit.


The Lady Who Lived Under a Rock

It was apparently a slow day for a dealer in roulette. Then one player came along who went by the name TriHard. The lady dealer welcomed him, and this guy just started trolling her.

The guy said, on live chat, that he saw her on YouTube and that is why he came. The beautiful dealer said, “You must have confused me with someone else. YouTube? What is YouTube?”

And no, she wasn’t kidding, either. The look on her face was real. She had no idea what YouTube was. How in the world can an adult who works for an online facility not know this?


And the Employee of the Month Is…

We have no idea how long blackjack dealers work in a day. Globally, the normal length of work hours is eight per day. But the job certainly isn’t as strenuous as working in a fast-food chain. But of course, life doesn’t spare anybody getting tired.

In a blackjack table, and a VIP room at that, a lady appeared to be so tired. Her eyes looked droopy. It was a slow day, and it was apparent that she was feeling cold. She was wearing a sleeveless dress, and she kept rubbing her arms.

Later on, she started yawning. She stopped rubbing her arms and clasped her hands together on the table. And then she closed her eyes.  And she opened them again. Do you know how it is when somebody tries to fight sleep? It was hilarious!


She is Stoned

We do not know if live casino dealers go through random drug testing. But this one surely looked stoned. She was dealing three players at blackjack, and she had this habit of inhaling and exhaling, not in the way one would while exercising but mostly similar to how one would smoke a joint. She took deep breaths and exhaled slowly.

And the funny part? She kept on laughing throughout! Apparently, one player was egging her to breathe in and exhale in that manner just for kicks. She even made faces, and she liked it!


Live casinos are fun! There is a component here that is absent from physical casinos. When you play in physical casinos, you restrain yourself from insulting the dealers or have fun with them. Online, one can pretty much say anything, except those that are really offensive, and this is what makes playing in a live casino a fun experience. The best part is that the dealers will ride along. They surely know how to entertain the players and keep their sanity, especially those who are on a losing streak.

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