5 Mini-Games Which Are As Much Fun As Actual Games

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For the past decades, mini-games in mainstream video games are a thing, there have been video games in which the mini-games were so popular that they inspired new games and at times they are better than the actual games and a thing which can prolong the game time. Casino games, in special, tend to excite people to play more and make some easy cash in the game like Smart casino, the production of slots or table games. Check out some of the best mini-games featured in the popular titles.

Fallout New Vegas (Roulette and Slots)

Fallout New Vegas was a brilliant game and its main story was a treat to play and it shows what if the apocalypse occurred and only some gamblers and casinos were left in the world. In a comparable situation, you’d probably try to gamble as much as you can and make money and resources. You can do it though. You can play free slots and it comes with a number of games, including million-dollar jackpots.

In Fallout New Vegas, there are only six gambling spots. Five of the casinos offer blackjack, roulette, and slots. One casino, the Ultra-Luxe, doesn’t offer slots. Unlike casinos in real life, you can win more than money. Some casinos award you free beer, wine, and even a high roller suite key, armor, and poker chips.

Fallout New Vegas didn’t come without the flaws, its gambling section is specially made strongly and has a replayable factor. There are dealers, bonuses, and fellow players, and have lots of ways to win. You can even win jackpots but this factor will get you banned from the casinos.

The Witcher 3 (Gwent Card Game)

The Witcher 3 beat Fallout 4 and Bloodborne to win the video game of the year award in 2015. It was a brilliant game. But its main plotlines aside, The Witcher 3 card game was as exciting and as awesome as the main game.

It was called Gwent, you can play on a table. It’s a card game played against opponents in a saloon and consisting of 22 unit cards. Each player takes out 10 cards but could draw two more cards before it starts. There are three rounds in the game which totals and the winner is whoever wins two rounds.

To actually win the game, you must show cards whose entire score is bigger than your enemy’s. There’s also an informative tutorial to help you learn how to play the game. Gwent is an exciting game and demands your attention with a great amount of concentration to win.

It is a gambling game, you could win or lose big amounts of money. Play well and you get some money to provide supplies for Geralt, the main character of the fan-favorite game. Lose money and you could waste your money rather quickly.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 (Poker and Blackjack)

Red Dead Redemption 2 was a massive hit and its open world is massive and the best so far. It missed the Game of the Year Award by a hair last year. And while there are a lot of things about the game that made it great, its card games were important as well. You must play six of the game’s mini-games to achieve RDR2 achievement, and then there are some which are not so easy to win.

Poker is a thing that you have to play as part of a necessary mission in Chapter 4 of the video game. It’s played using conventional rules although so if you know how to play poker and blackjack then it’s quite straightforward for you and you can let the AI place bets automatically and beat them on their own game. Blackjack is played inside saloons and using conventional rules. Present cards with a close value to 21 and you win.

One of the best things about mini-games on RDR2 is that you can put on bets with cents. If you know how to use strategies, gambling in low amounts will also save your bankroll. And it is reasonable to say that you lose on both blackjack and poker a few times, it’s the best practice to keep your losses to a minimum.


Watchdogs (Poker)

As you have seen in many video games, it’s necessary to play some of the mini-games it is the same as in Watchdogs. There are seven mini-games in total. Drinking games and Poker are exceptional to play and kill some time with. But as you play poker, you can also track your way to a win.

Aiden, the main character fo the video game, is a hacker and will immediately hack the pub’s cams to let you beat and trick. As someone that loves casino games, you’ll enjoy its mini-games. It’s also played Texas Hold’em and is you can play in many saloons across the game.

If you are never played Watchdogs, you should give it a try. As said earlier, the main character is a hacker and a very good one and the game itself is quite unique in itself. He can command the traffic lights, also jam smartphones, and can do credit card fraud at will. Watchdogs is based in Chicago although most features are fictionalized in the game and they are quite fun to play.  It’s an action game that comes with all sorts of exciting weapons, cars, and helicopters.

Red Dead Redemption (Liar’s Dice)

Red Dead Redemption (Liar’s Dice)

Now, that’s a classic mini-game and I have spent many hours mastering it, Liar’s Dice is surprisingly addictive for a very basic game of dice. You can unlock the game by competing with the Nigel West Dickens’ mission or the “Man is born unto Trouble” mission. Like normal dice, Liar’s Dice can be played by two or more players.

You will get a cup with five dice. The game picks the person to make the first bid. All players then hurl their cups upside down to look at the dice themselves. The bidding method starts. After the first person makes a bet, you can agree with them, disagree or make a bid and raise the bid money as you please.

Let’s be clear here, betting means guessing the number of a particular side of dice. If you think there are 4 fours, make the bid. After every round of the game, each player who lost loses one dice. That gives you 4 dice for the next round and 3 for the third round and so on, so place your bets and your guesses wisely.

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