5 Mobile Game Genres to Check Out in 2021

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When it comes to the landscape of the gaming industry in 2021, mobile gaming in particular is flourishing like never before. In fact, in the U.S. alone, mobile gaming revenue reached a record $10.73 billion last year, with a significant projected growth rate for the future. Today, the majority of smartphone users have at least a couple of mobile games downloaded on their home pages, with both the Apple Store and Google Play Store offering a huge selection of titles in dozens of different genres. However, with such a large pool of games to choose from, which are the ones most worth tapping into? In this article we explore five different types of mobile games that are popular today.

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Mobile gaming is becoming increasingly popular across demographics



A widely known game genre that stands for ‘Multiplayer Online Battle Arena’, MOBAs are real-time strategic titles that revolve around two teams of players competing against each other in some type of pre-defined battle land. Before the match begins, users can choose which characters they would like to represent in battle. They should select these characters carefully as each has different strengths, powers, and purposes that can aid them in the ultimate goal of total conquest. These games often have a combat-style look and feel, with some of the most popular today being Vainglory, Arena of Valor, and the League of Legends series.

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Online Casino Games

Moving away from MOBAs to highlight a different gameplay experience, we find that of online casinos. Here, users from all around the world enjoy classic casino games like roulette, baccarat, and blackjack right from their mobile phones. Depending on the game, this genre can also require some strategic deep thinking. For example, because online blackjack can be played using a range of different versions, strategic nuances crop up all the time. On the other hand, with online slots, the gameplay is a bit more straightforward across titles. Live variants of digital casino games are also prevalent nowadays, as tech innovations have allowed developers to create titles that feature real-life croupiers. One thing’s for certain – in 2021, users have the freedom to carry all the thrills and spills of casino life with them in their very pockets.


Puzzle Games

Puzzle games are another mobile games genre that has been popular since the very beginning of mobile gaming. For those looking to kill time and enjoy some light-hearted fun, these titles are ideal. However, nowadays puzzle games have evolved quite a lot, with impressive graphics and new functionalities that spice up the user experience. Out of all puzzle games that exist, the Candy Crush Saga is easily the most prized title in this genre.


How many of these mobile game genres have you played before?



FPS games or First-Person Shooter titles have always had a strong presence in the world of mobile gaming. They are played from the view of the player who is normally moving forwards, backward, or sideways through some type of battleground to reach his or her opponent. For this reason, they are titled ‘first-person shooters’ as the player is positioned in a first-person perspective with all other activities happening in their surroundings. With options for both Multiplayer modes and Quest (single-player) modes, the gameplay is dynamic, action-packed, and generally resource-consuming in terms of battery power. Players of FPSs for mobile should have their devices charged and ready as these titles’ heavy graphics demand a good amount of juice. Some of the most popular FPSs include Critical Ops, Modern Combat 5, NOVA Legacy, and, of course, the Call of Duty series which is coming out with new titles all the time.


Arcade Games

Last but not least, just like puzzle games, arcade games have been a beloved mobile genre for many years. Known for their quick gameplay, interactive challenges, and vivid graphics, these are titles that can be played in short spurts, entertaining players with their competitive elements. Two classic examples from years past include Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja, but nowadays plenty of options exist on the shelves of mobile app stores. Some popular ones in 2021 include the arcade racer, Asphalt 9: Legends, and the huge fan favorite, Brawl Stars.


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