5 Most Entertaining iPhone Apps For 2018

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iPhone X

If you’ve been anywhere near an iPhone in the last 10 years then you know that it’s the best place to enjoy cutting-edge app experiences across a range of different categories.

Here are just a few of the most entertaining iPhone apps you can download and enjoy in 2018 to get you inspired and keep boredom at bay when you’re out and about.

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With its iOS app, Casumo casino is leading the way when it comes to mobile gaming entertainment where the real cash is up for grabs.

From its quirky styling to its support for a huge library of slots, it hits the nail on the head in terms of portable fun and the potential to win big.

It also features table games like roulette and blackjack, so if slots aren’t your thing then you can get all the action of a real-life casino without having to face the crowds.



It may have been around since 2014, but this digital card game is still the big daddy of its particular niche. And with three expansions launching over the course of 2018, it’s always fresh and relevant.

Featuring characters from the Warcraft universe, Hearthstone lets you build decks, play online against millions of other people from around the world, enjoy single-player challenges, and create a collection of cards that can be accessed across multiple devices.

Its mixture of strategy and crazy randomness makes it a riot to play, and with games lasting between 5 to 10 minutes, it’s easy to enjoy in bite-sized chunks, as well over longer sessions when you’re stuck on the train to work.

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IKEA Place

Whether or not you find this app entertaining will depend entirely on how obsessed you are with interior design, furniture, and the products that IKEA stocks.

IKEA Place makes ingenious use of the power of modern iPhone handsets to let you overlay a real room with a virtual item of furniture. This augmented reality app is definitely impressive, as it means you can get a sense of how a chair, table, or bookcase will look in situ without having to lug it all the way home from the store or wait for it to get delivered.

You could save yourself a lot of fruitless work putting together a flat-pack product that ends up feeling out of place in your living room if you download this app. You’ll also have hours of entertainment on your hands just by using it to build up ‘what if’ scenarios of prospective furniture purchases.



If chemistry has always intrigued you but you’ve lacked access to the equipment and substances to get into it properly, Beaker is the iPhone app for you.

It offers a blend of mind-bending physics and in-depth chemical profiles to let you see exactly how different elements will react when introduced to one another. If you’ve got a friend with an iPhone, you can both install the app and use AirPlay to ‘mix’ chemicals together in its well-realized multiplayer mode, which is another selling point.

You might use Beaker to learn the ins and outs of chemistry, but you can also just have fun and watch some very violent reactions take place without putting your health at risk or blowing up an entire lab in the process.

iPhone X


This app isn’t about providing immediate entertainment in its own right, but rather about letting you curate your own list of things you want to do with your life, then making sure you do them.

Soon sells itself as a kind of digital bucket list, but it’s far from a morbid reminder of your own mortality. In fact, it’s a bright, funky, and functional app that encompasses everything from films you want to see and albums you want to hear to places you want to visit and restaurants you want to eat at.

Over the course of the year, it can keep track of all this and more, as well as letting you get recommendations for activities based on your location. You can even share lists with friends and collaborate on entertainment ideas together.


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