5 Must Things To Do in Witcher 3

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These are the list of things which are not necessary to do but you have to do it to enjoy this game to the fullest. The Witcher 3 world is full of things to explore and things to do which you cannot do in any other game or in GTA 5. So go through the list and tell us what you find most intriguing thing to do.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an absolutely beautiful game that begs to be captured within a screenshot. Of course, not just any picture will do. Anybody who’s ever taken a screenshot will easily be able to capture the gruesome beauty of The Witcher 3‘s combat, but it takes a really artistic eye to nail that perfect pic at sunset.

The Witcher 3 actually has a pretty amazing time cycle, complete with dynamic weather effects. Use all of that to your advantage in order to get the most beautiful screens of Geralt sat upon a horse as he gazes over a mountain cliff at the beautiful warmth of the setting sun. Become the envy of Twitter followers and friends on whatever network you decide to play on. It’s also a good idea to capture the beauty just before you find yourself surround by the horrors that The Witcher 3 will inevitably throw at you.


Travel to some pubs and strip down to your bare, heavily scarred chest and give those bar-goers their comeuppance in the form of a straight punch to the jaw. It’s surprisingly fun, especially when compared to the brutality of the game’s main combat, so go show them how it’s done.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a challenging game, and strategies that work for one enemy type will have another one laughing over your corpse (don’t worry, they don’t actually laugh, that would be creepy). The best way to learn the ins and outs of encounters is to participate in them. It will actually make your life much easier while also allowing you to experience the amazing combat that was built for everyone to enjoy.


Dive below the surface and you will see aquatic life, sunken ships, and drowned cities. There are treasures to be found, and secret passages to be uncovered as well. Just make sure that you keep an eye open for drowners. Geralt may be able to make quick work of them on land, but they are extremely deadly in their home turf and will not hesitate to drag you to the bottom as you gasp for breath.


Even mercenaries deserve a bit of love. Players will be able to pursue romantic relationships with specific NPCs, but if that just isn’t what they feel is the right path for Geralt there are certainly more than enough “ladies of the night” that would be happy to oblige The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt‘s hero.

As a added bonus, I am adding this video for you to have much better understanding of things you can do in the game.


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