5 PC Games That Will Teach You About Personal Finance

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No matter how far human interests reach, PC games will always play a major part. These games reflect many things about humanity and the rest of the world. Plus, they also entertain thousands of people – especially hardcore gamers. Despite being built for entertainment; PC games are effective methods that can teach you important lessons about personal finance.

So if you want to check out some games with personal finance lessons, you can view these suggestions:

Stardew Valley 

Stardew Valley 

Considered as the only ‘love letter’ to Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley combines a farming experience, business setup, and goal-driven adventuring. You will spend lots of time planting crops, watering crops, harvesting crops, building relationships, slaying monsters, and collecting resources. The game’s style is purely retro, thus taking you back to the era of 16-bit games.

Strong Point: The main lesson offered by Stardew Valley is hard work. In your personal finance journey, you definitely need to work hard and do the grind. It’s either you need to find a new stream of income to pay for your additional expenses or you have to secure the documents required by a licensed money lender in Singapore like Cash Mart. If you work hard in your personal finance, you will gain rewards someday.


The Capitalism Series is dedicated to the pursuit and management of money – hence the name of the game. This game is a pure business simulation with no patience for shortcuts. You will encounter huge figures, tons of data, and competitors who will fight tooth and nail for that sweet market share. If you want to be a CEO, this is the game for you.

Strong Point: Capitalism will force you to look inward and assess your ambition. Basically, personal finance has the same nature. You need to be aware of your ambition first, and your personal finance habits will follow suit.



A micro-niche cult classic, Gazillionaire is the game that might keep your eyes rolling. With weird sounds and funny illustrations, you will somehow wonder if a five-year-old built this game. Looks can be deceiving though! Gazillionaire has deep gameplay which takes you to the fringes of cosmic space, balancing trade and dangerous aspects.

Strong Point: Gazillionaire is driven by situations, and you need to wear your experimenter’s hat on. In personal finance, you may also need to experiment with financial choices and major decisions. Just enjoy the journey and take note of any positive or negative changes.

 The Grail Lords

Grail Lords 

Grail Lords is not a direct PC game per se, but more like a browser-based game. Still, you’ll have a richer experience playing it in PC compared to playing it in a smartphone. In Grail Lords, you play the role of a Seeker who is seeking greatness in many aspects. There are dozens of skills to work on and priorities to set. You can explore the world around you or spend the day tilling the soil. Thankfully, you can do all of these in just a few clicks of the mouse. No need to get dirty!

Strong Point: Balance is the main strong point of Grail Lords. In the same way, you should attain balance for your personal finance journey. Sometimes, it can be confusing to work on the ‘books,’ especially if you have to deal with everyday issues and responsibilities. Be a responsible person today – own a journal and list down your financial goals.

Rollercoaster Tycoon

 If you’ve always wanted to run your own amusement park, Rollercoaster Tycoon will simulate that dream. Here, you’ll be tasked to build and manage a theme park with different types of thrill-packed rollercoasters. Your imagination is the limit, but you have to watch out over your financial standing!

Strong Point: Rollercoaster Tycoon is a game of details – just like personal finance. To get a firm grasp over your finances, you have to take note of key details like your spending habits, daily/weekly expenses, cash flow, and many other things. A simple organizer can go a long way, as well as regular financial tracking apps.

Patrician Series 

Bonus Game: Patrician Series 

In Patrician, you play the role of an up and coming merchant in the Hanseatic League during the 14th century. The game is a bit old, but it managed to capture the real essence of being a medieval business owner. Your ship serves as the core of your business. To make profits, you need to visit port towns and engage in trade. Over time, you can buy plots of real estate and rub elbows with local Princes.

Strong Point: Patrician will teach you about proper decision-making. In personal finance, you have to know when you need to spend or when you have to cut corners. More importantly, you need to decide if you need the best instant cash loan in Singapore today. In the end, decisions will truly matter.

End Level Thoughts 

PC games simulate personal finance in deep layers. They can help you formulate proper decisions at any given instance. But keep in mind that PC games should be explored with caution. Otherwise, you might end up addicted! Just play a few games, take note of their lessons, and work on your personal finance journey!

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