5 Reasons Why You Should Consider SSL Website Security

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SSL Website Security

Many website owners don’t think about website security until they have been hacked. This is relatable considering that more than 20 percent of businesses don’t have cybersecurity ranked as a primary priority.

It is essential to take website security seriously before you become the victim of a cybercrime. SSL certificates are some of the options you may want to use to get your website secured and keep it protected from hackers. Read on for five reasons why you should consider installing an SSL certificate on your website!


1. They Protect Website Visitors from Identity Theft

SSL certificates help in encrypting web browsing sessions between end-users and the online sites they visit. This prevents the possible hijacking of client devices or malicious actors on a local network from intercepting private data and sensitive information passed between them, like passwords and usernames, credit card numbers, and bank account information.

The value of SSL certificates in web security is also evident because they are issued by trusted third-party Certificate Authorities such as GlobalSign, RapidSSL, Comodo SSL certificates, which validate domain ownership and give digital identity credentials to companies following strict security procedures laid down by them for the issuance of their certificates. Moreover, these CAs are entrusted with safeguarding these digital certificates and their corresponding private keys.

They also perform regular audits to ensure that these credentials are not misused by unscrupulous site operators and are not used to carry out fraudulent transactions on the internet. For instance, they check if certificates have been issued with incorrect domain names or if they were issued for purposes other than those permitted in their policies.

CAs are also required to issue certificates like EV SSL certificates only after validating the identity of their applicants. These CAs verify details such as a physical address, name, and contact details before issuing these digital identity credentials.

2. They Protect Website Visitors from Phishing

SSL Certificates are used to protect the information that your computer sends and receives when it connects to a website. SSL certificates use encryption, which scrambles the data so that only you and the website get to see it.

You might be wondering how this helps against phishing? Phishing is most often carried out when a cybercriminal has access to sensitive personal information such as bank account details or passwords through identity theft or other means.

The cybercriminal will then attempt to trick users into sharing their secret information by creating a fake version of the site or sending an email pretending to be from someone they trust, such as a bank manager, based on what they have found out about them to gain more details about their accounts. They can then use this information to steal money or commit further identity theft. Suppose you are using a site with an SSL certificate installed on it. In that case, the information will be encrypted, so even if a cybercriminal intercepts it, they won’t have access to any of your data.


3. It Raises Trust and Credibility in Business among Clients

Since most people are aware of how important it is to remain vigilant when it comes to their online transactions, some may think twice before making purchases on websites they haven’t previously heard about. That’s why they can be very impressed by secure certificates, which will let them know that there are companies out there who care about their security and privacy.

When potential buyers see this visual cue on websites’ addresses, they automatically perceive them as reliable – not only because SSL certificate is becoming ubiquitous but also due to its effectiveness against fraudsters and con artists. This is always a positive thing when you try to establish business contacts and boost the client base in the long run.

If you are planning to use e-commerce solutions, it goes without saying that you should also install SSL certificates on your website so that customers can feel safe when they want to make payments online. This security mechanism must be in place because, otherwise, 7.3 percent of your clients may be hesitant about sending their sensitive credit card data over an unsecured connection.

If you do not have a dedicated SSL certificate for the shopping cart, then at least try using the .htaccess file with a redirect from HTTP:// to https://. This way, potential customers will be able to see what is being transmitted through an encrypted channel which will reassure them about making purchases on your website. If you have more than one first-level subdomain under the main domain, consider choosing wildcard SSL certificates to enhance your website security.


4. It helps Improve the Overall Efficiency of SEO Campaigns.

When search engines like Google place more value on SSL certificate signals when determining rankings, this also means that obtaining an SSL certificate might help you increase your visibility in SERPs. Although Google has never openly confirmed that SSL certifications factor into their algorithms, some people are confident that this is the case. After all, it only makes sense to display higher rankings for sites with a reliable security mechanism in place and whose webmasters care about their users’ privacy.

It has been seen that SSL certificates can help boost website ranking on search engines. If you want to improve your web security and increase the site’s overall visibility, then make sure to install HTTPS and obtain an SSL certificate as soon as possible.


5. It won’t cost too much if you get inexpensive SSL certificates.

You may think that obtaining an SSL certificate should be among your top priorities. Still, unfortunately, some companies charge way too much for certain services, which can be obtained at very reasonable costs nowadays. The truth is that paying $3000 every year for things like domain registration or hosting solutions can be a massive expense for any business, especially if you don’t have enough money to advertise your site and promote it on search engines.

In the end, however, cheap SSL certificates shouldn’t cost more than $80 per year (at most), so you should make sure to look for low-cost services as soon as possible. You may think that securely transmitting personal data is very costly. Still, nowadays, many providers offer different types of SSL solutions at very affordable prices to suit all types of businesses. If you are an eCommerce company owner with multiple first-level subdomains to secure, such as blogs, and payment pages, we suggest going for a wildcard SSL certificate. With this single certificate installed on your website, you can afford premium security to an unlimited number of first-level subdomains under the chosen primary domain. An unparalleled option, it not only saves you a lot of money but also prevents hassles related to multiple certificate management.

The thing is that some people tend to avoid purchasing web security certificates because they feel it’s too expensive. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth so do everything you can to obtain an SSL certification.

If you want to create a successful website, one of the best things you can do is secure it with an SSL certificate. This technology will not only increase your site’s overall ranking in search engines.

It might also help lower bounce rates and increase conversion rates if you use online marketing strategies that involve pay-per-click advertising or PPC campaigns. There are many benefits associated with using SSL certificates from known brands like Sectigo, Thawte, Comodo SSL certificates. They offer premium encryption and a wide variety of multi-pronged cybersecurity products at inexpensive prices. So, if you haven’t installed these already, then now is the time to do so.

The internet has been around for a while now, and you might be wondering what the fuss is all about with this new thing called SSL. It’s not just something that protects your data from hackers.

It also helps to protect clients by preventing any potential cyber-attacks. If you haven’t installed an SSL certificate yet, do so as soon as possible before someone steals personal information like credit cards, log-in details, or Social Security numbers from your site.

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