5 Shocking Facts About Gaming

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The world of gaming is an ever evolving beast that goes through many controversies. Some you may not be aware of, and some that have managed to shock you. With this in mine we’ve decided to look at 5 facts about gaming that may shock you, unless you already knew about them of course.

Games Can Still Be Controversial

Did you know a game exists that has you playing as a baby trying to kill yourself before your parent can stop you? Who’s Your Daddy really isn’t as bad as it sounds, but as you can guess it is sure to raise a few eyebrows who aren’t in on the joke. There are also a few more controversial games out there if you care to look for them, but really it is dependent on your level of taste.

Professional Gamers Start off Very Young

While not all gamers start off this young, Victor De Leon III (‘Lil Poison) was only seven when he took to the world of professional gaming. In a (e)Sport where you tend to retire at an early age, it should really come as no surprise that players are starting younger and younger. Makes you feel old, doesn’t it?

Online Bingo is Still Very Popular in the UK

Bingo is a game that seems to never die, whether it be online or in the bingo hall. It has been said that 3.4 million players in the UK check for online bingo, showing that the game is apparently as popular as ever.

Over Half of Gamers are Female

To some this won’t be a popular statistic, but 52% of gamers are in fact female. The reason for this is not only that girls actually play games, but also that there are such a diverse number of games to play that more and more women are being enticed to play. Don’t just think these are mobile gamers though, just look to services like Twitter to see the female players kicking other player’s ass online.

Board Games Can Be Very Long

We’ve all been through a slow game of monopoly right? Or spent hours in a Dungeons and Dragons session. One of the longest games though has to be Campaign for North Africa which averages a total of 60 days’ gameplay.

Some of these facts may not seem controversial to you, but they are food for thought. Gaming is still evolving to become better and better, and even at its most controversial, one thing we can be sure about is that its future is strong.



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