5 Signs You Need a New Laptop For Studies

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Modern students rely on their computers when it comes to handling most of the assignments. Sooner or later, most of them realize that the old device is no good anymore. Letting go of your old laptop can be a tough choice to make, mainly because you need money for the new one. However, in some cases, it’s an investment that will save you from stress and worries. So, here are the five signs indicating that it’s time to find a better laptop.


Even Text Editors Work Slowly

Any student has to work in a text editor almost every day. If your laptop performs poorly when you try to edit and format your paper quickly and look up information on the internet, chances are, it was designed to perform only a couple of simple operations at a time. 

In such cases, everyone’s patience wears thin, and they start clicking on the tabs and folders to make at least one of them work. Usually, programs crash and one has to either start over or restore information and, thus, waste their time. If it’s urgent, one can have no other choice but to google ‘write my essay for me by expert writers from EssayHub’ and leave the assignment in the hands of professionals. Extensive research is not something you can handle using such a computer. 

The same refers to the speed of the browser. Unless you tend to open 10+ tabs simultaneously, slow loading is a sign of extremely little RAM. It happens when people buy a device that is too cheap without checking its characteristics, or simply when the device is too old to handle the new software. All these issues can also be a result of a virus that harmed your software, so make sure to run some checks before rushing to a store to buy another device.


You Need to Use Specific Software That Requires More RAM

One of the most frequent requests of students on such platforms as EssayService is to manage research that involves using SPSS, NVivo, or similar software that requires several gigabytes of core memory. If you need to work with designing a mockup, using Photoshop can take up to 8GB of memory. 

Some software just won’t open even in a slow mode if your computer has little memory. Still, to work with serious software that requires handling a lot of details, you need a high speed of operation. If you don’t want to lose your data as a result of a crashed session, it’s better to invest in a better device. 


Strained Eyes

Even if the specifications of your laptop are good for fast operation, the display is an important thing to take care of. A good display can save you from headache and fatigue, especially if you use your laptop throughout the whole day without breaks.


Parts of Carcass Are Damaged or Missing

A device with physical defects is a device that is very susceptible to: 

  • dust;
  • hits;
  • liquids;
  • curious animals and so on. 

All of the listed points can cause irreparable damage and destroy your data in a matter of seconds. So, unless there’s a chance to find new parts of the carcass, start looking for a new device.

Several Components Work Poorly

Buying a new HDD or SSD when the old one breaks down is usually a more reasonable choice than buying a whole new laptop. Yet, if it’s not a single problem and repairs to be done involve substituting roughly half of the hardware – it’s probably time to say goodbye. For instance, if the cooling fan produces sparks, the HDD clicks, and the monitor glitches, be ready that the repairs may not end successfully.

Face the truth, every device or appliance has a life span that can’t be prolonged. You wouldn’t keep a 20-year-old fridge that shuts off once a week, thus spoiling half of your products, would you? First of all, the new elements to substitute the broken ones are no longer produced. Second, you can barely find a person who would fix this piece of lumber.

Sometimes, fixing a device and buying new substitutes for it can be more expensive than buying a new one. Finally, there is a high chance that during the repairs, the rest of the elements will appear to be too frayed to function for at least several months more.


To Sum Up

It’s extremely important to recognize in a timely manner that you need new hardware for your studies. These days, all of the assignments are connected to online research or working with basic software. Losing important information is too risky, especially if you’re a graduate who’s planning to submit their final paper right before the deadline. So, make sure you prioritize your spendings and invest in a laptop before it’s too late.

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