5 Things You Should Avoid Whilst Playing MMO Games

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MMO Games

If you are new to MMO gaming, you may be unsure about any etiquette that dictates gameplay or specific actions. While there are no fixed rules about MMO gameplay, there is a code of conduct that all players should adhere to if they are to respect one another and optimize their experience.

Here are five of the most important examples of things to avoid while playing:

  1. Friendly Fire or unnecessary killing

There is a sense of community among MMO players, and within this infrastructure, individuals are expected to respect certain rules and avoid actions such as a friendly fire. By turning the fire on your own faction members or deliberately playing badly in a bid to abuse the gaming experience, however, you will quickly alienate others and become tagged as a troll gamer.

  1. Stealing from fellow players

While some elements of the game may encourage you to steal or pilfer specific items, there is a clearly defined time and place for this. It is never acceptable to steal items for fellow players, as these individuals will have completed several quests to earn these over time. They may even have paid real money to earn some items, so stealing these shows an incredible lack of respect for both the game and those who play it regularly.

  1. Spamming

Online gaming spam is increasingly prominent among mobile titles, especially those that involve a community of players. While this is fundamentally no different to email spam, however, it is arguably worse as the threat can come from anyone who plays or access the game in question. This should be avoided at all times by MMO gamers, as it has the potential to ruin the experience for others and eliminate the type of chat functionality that is central to the game.

  1. Hacking with a view to cheating

Hacking is a similar issue, especially when it used to enhance the performance of your individual characters or weaken those around you. While this is considered by some to offer a fast-track to success in MMO gaming, it will anger your fellow players and will ultimately see you banned from specific networks. Above all else, you need to question where the fun lies in cheating to earn quick-fire success in a game designed to encourage strategic thinking.

  1. Playing in Bed

According to market leaders Plarium, there is an estimated total of 9 reasons not to play MMO games in bed. While many of these are compelling, the most interesting is the fact that this may encourage you to fall asleep during the middle of a raid. Remember, MMO is livewire entertainment at its finest and being caught in a virtual firefight can destroy your experience. If you are going to play in bed, there is arguably no point in playing at all!


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