5 Tips For Caring For Your Computer

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Unlike your automobile, your PC doesn’t come with doors and windows that allow for cleaning which is fine, as computer care typically entails mouse clicks and keyboard strokes. Cleaning your computer is a lot harder than cleaning your car because it is not as easy to access its internal components.

Nevertheless, Windows and vendor-provided applications consist of tools that ensure your computer performs at peak efficiency.

Let’s explore the five tips for caring for your computer.


1. Allow for Windows Updates

Upon installing Windows, it provides for the option that enables automatic updates that keep your PC loaded with the most recent security patches, enhancements, and Windows bug fixes. Supposing automatic update remains disallowed; it’s possible to activate by clicking on “Settings” and “Change PC Settings.” Upon clicking “Update and Recovery,” follow it up by clicking on “Choose How Updates Get Installed” followed by the updated alternative that best suits you.

For instance, supposing the option of automatic updates doesn’t bode well with you, the choice of receiving notification messages alerting of new updates may appeal to you.


2. Keep it Clean

Over time, temporary files rack up your computer’s hard drive which slows it down. Erase the extraneous system and temporary data by running the Disk Clean-up utility option. The disk clean-up option allows the option of selecting the files you wish to eliminate.

Programs like nCleaner and CCleaner tidy up files, perform housekeeping tasks, and optimizes the Windows registry to increase efficiency.

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3. Keep your Keyboard Clean

Clean your keyboard regularly to give it a professional and sanitary look. Unplug the keyboard, hold it facing downwards and shake lightly to oust debris and large particles. You may take a can containing the compressed air and place it an angle while aiming the nozzle in between the key and spray to get rid of grime and residue. Give the keyboard a couple more final shakes. 

Wipe the keys using a moist lint-free cloth. You may also disinfect the keyboard using a barely damp disinfectant wipe and employ a microfiber cloth for drying.

It’s easy to forget cleaning the mouse. Use wipes for cleaning and a microfiber cloth for clearing remaining moisture.

4. Secure your PC

Amazingly, anti-virus doesn’t guarantee full protection from attacks. Among the safe computing habits, we advocate, include routine updating of the anti-virus software, and running it continuously.

Windows Defender comes pre-installed to combat malware. You may also install a popular anti-virus program.

5. Update your drivers

Drivers make it possible for the running of monitors, webcams, printers, video cards, and other hardware. Upon the release of new drivers by manufacturers, make a point of installing them on your PC. To make work easier, turn on automatic updates, and Windows will install updated versions automatically.

The manufacturer’s support page contains all recent drivers as released. Updating drivers solves a problem or two while adding functionality to your computer.


In Conclusion

Essential maintenance and care for your PC are paramount, as it curbs specific problems at bay, which may otherwise affect performance. Taking excellent care of your PC helps get rid of malware, viruses, and other issues in advance.

Invest in software that cleans your drives, eliminates viruses, and performs PC maintenance by sourcing for a reputable retailer like inside tech pc builder.  



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