5 Tips to Level Up Faster and Gain More XP in Apex Legends

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Apex Legends

Apex Legends is clearly the new craze when it comes to video games – especially competitive ones – and which everyone wants to play. As you may have noticed, besides the rampage that is taking place in each match, you also have a level-based progression system.

Even though it may look useless at a glance, leveling up comes with some nice rewards that you definitely want to get your hands on. First of all, the higher the level, the fancier the border around your level status is.

Then, you also get 600 Legend Tokens with each level up. These are used to buy new legends and, given the fact that there are around 10 new rumored legends so far – with more yet to come – and that each of them costs around 13,000 Legend Tokens to unlock, you definitely want to stack up on those so that you are always ready for a new Legend release.

Lastly, every couple of levels you get an Apex Pack which you can open for some sweet loot – you may get a skin for infamous Mozambique, but you also have chances of receiving the Wraith Heirloom Knife, skin, and banner pose.

Obviously, all of this boils down to how fast you can level up in Apex Legends. So, here are five tips to help you level up faster and gain more XP in the game that has taken the gaming world by storm!

Apex Legends

Friendly Environment

As you know, Apex Legends is a squad-based battle-royale game. You cannot play this game solo –unless you are Shroud or dizzy. Every time you click that Play button you are matched with two random teammates.

However, as the game informs you, you do receive more XP when playing with your friends. Simply add them on your friends’ list via Origin and play with them – you’ll get 5% survival time bonus and if you manage to finish in the top three, 300 XP.


Survive! Survive!

You don’t have to rush a game of Apex Legends thinking that more kills equal more XP. This is a strategy that will work against you!

If you want more XP and, therefore, level up faster, you will have to survive as much as possible in a single round. You get around 180 XP per minute survived. If you check the end-game screen for your XP earned in each category, you will notice that most of the times, you gain more XP per time survived rather than per damage or kills.


Have the Leader and the Champion under Your Sights!

The kill leader and the champion are worth quite a lot of XP. You’ll already know which the champion squad is before the game begins and the kill leader will be announced as soon as they start making a couple of kills.

Taking down the kill leader will net you 50 XP – it might seem a little, but keep in mind that you can take out different kill leaders in the same game. On the other hand, taking down the champion squad will reward you with 500 bonus XP.

Apex Legends

Kills and Damage

Naturally, you don’t want to put all of your points in survivability and none in skill. Each kill will get you 50 XP – take down 5 enemies and you get 250 XP. If you are good at the game and manage to take down 10 enemies, you will get as much XP as you would if you win the game.

In terms of damage, the XP is awarded by dividing the total damage dealt by 4. So, once you have your crosshair on an enemy, just keep on shooting until you take them down. A 1000 damage match, for example, will net you 250 XP.


Getting Boosted

Even though boosting is usually frowned upon, you should not feel bad for relying on such things. First of all, keep in mind that this is a team game – someone you play with can’t win you the game if you don’t help them at all.

Moreover, by playing with one of the professionals we have on R3G, you will learn the tricks and strategies they use in gunfights and, eventually, get better at the game as well.

If you rely on the R3G boosting services, you will get more wins, kills, as well as damage done in your Apex Legends games. This only means one thing – more XP and more level-ups for you in a short period of time.


The Apex Champion

So, if you want to be crowned the Apex Champion in you Apex Legends matches, make sure to check the R3G marketplace. Just a couple of clicks and you will receive a friend invite from a professional Apex Legend player which will help you level up faster, gain more XP, and win more games!

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