5 Tools for Building A Profitable Affiliate Website Using WordPress

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Building a website used to be a big deal in the early days. It used to be a massive and expensive project. The agencies that offer these services would charge tens of thousands of dollars to build a website. If you wanted their services, that was your only option. But, things have eased down with time. Now it is possible to get a well-built site for less than $100. 

Let’s say you have put lots of effort into building your website, but you need to accept that revenue does not fall on your lap out of the blue. Then again, using WordPress can get you sumptuous rewards. WordPress corresponds to a highly resourceful platform with an abundance of tools to design, manage or monetize a site. Website monetization is the practice of converting existing traffic being sent to a particular website into income. 

Monetizing a site can help you earn some extra money and make your business profitable. Depending on the traffic your website receives, monetization can be a part-time job or something more important. 

WordPress is the most accepted content management system that powers a number of websites and is admired for its directory that contains as many as 29000 plugins. Since it is open-source software, it allows third-party developers to access its code, which means that new plugins are regularly being added to an already enormous pile. 

This blog is a step-by-step guide to building a website using WordPress. Let’s begin.


  • Domain name – A domain name is very important when you want an online presence. By choosing a domain name you inform your customers about the type of services or business you are running. It is like your web address where people can find you; all they need to do is type your domain name in the browser tab. 


             A domain name is the first thing that you should pick while building a website.

  • Affiliate Marketing – By joining a business’ affiliate program, any searches for products within that business’ index may earn affiliates a percentage of the profit on each sale that was originally referred through their website i.e. affiliate marketing allows you to have someone else’s ad on your website. If a user goes to their ad on your site and purchases something, you get a percentage of that sale. You can also write reviews about products or services on your site. Make sure the products you are advertising align with your target audience i.e. always keep your target audience in mind and choose products that are of your league. This strategy is spreading all across the industry sectors. It will be growing exponentially in the next few years across all digital apps.



  • Memberships and subscriptions – Filling your website with good quality content is a positive start and a nice way to attract visitors. But that does not guarantee your profit. One of the practical tactics is to put together membership and subscription services for your content. You will need to find an audience who will be willing to pay for good quality articles and other content on your site. Use plugins to create lessons on niche topics; share your insights and expertise with others and attract them into your subscription system.




  • Sponsored Posts – WordPress allows blogs and website owners to accept sponsored posts. This can work in three ways: first, you write the content and give it to someone as an exchange for their services. Second, they pay you to write reviews about their products and publish them and third, content creators might write something and then pay you to publish it. Either way, you get paid or you can use other services by providing your services like a barter system. Sponsored posts may turn out to be very beneficial for your website. 




  • Push Notifications – WordPress Push Notifications allow you to routinely alert your users when you have published new content on your website. Also, you can send predefined messages to your customers at any time. WordPress Push Notification has built-in plugins that send out push notifications directly, without using any third party’s server. Notify your audience whenever you publish new content and convert them to regular and loyal readers.


Moreover, apart from the usual ad display and different advertising made profits, some website owners use “lead generation” to monetize internet traffic to a website by creating leads or inquiries from submission forms or phone calls from interested customers and then delivering those lead to a business that is looking for that type of inquest.

If you really want to build a profitable website using WordPress, follow these tips. These are sure to make your website profitable and earn you extra money. The above tips are just the beginning of it, there are so many other ways, but these are just for your beginning.


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