5 Ways How Technology Can Enhance Online Learning

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Technology has resulted in a lot of changes in the world. Among such changes is the manner in which online learning is conducted. Students find it hectic to visit libraries and search for information from textbooks since it is time-consuming; some of the students even seek cheap essays as an alternative. Almost every student sometimes has a bothering question in  mind like  “Who can write my essay?” However, the growth of online technology can dramatically change the way we learn today. So, read on about five ways through which technology can enhance online learning.

Online education platforms

Technology has resulted in the formation of a lot of online learning platforms. An example is the Khan Academy whereby learners can get as much information regarding a topic as possible. As well, one can get the information from these platforms from the comfort of their homes hence making the research process an easy one. As well, the platforms promote distance learning whereby individuals do not have to drive for long distances in order to access the institutions and libraries necessary for carrying out research. Instead, they search for the information online and in turn enhance their online research techniques.  Students looking for different materials are also no longer restricted by their location as tools such as VPN can help you access information from overseas servers.

Regulating content

The number of people accessing the internet varies from children to adults. Therefore, through the use of simulations resulting from advanced technology, websites are able to regulate the content that is available to the different groups of individuals. As a result, the websites bring out reasonable results that do not contain unnecessary content. Also, children are restricted towards access pornographic materials that can be a distraction to their studies. Therefore, the issue of content regulation has enhanced research through the creation of content that is suitable for different learners as well as preventing the circulation of information that can distract the research process. This will teach learners at an early age the ethics that they should follow while carrying out online research hence making it easy for them to follow the same once they have grown up.

Open-source resources

Open-source is an emerging technology that is being used by most universities to enhance the process of online research. This technology enables institutions to make information available to the public without any restrictions hence making it possible for people to teach themselves. It is the process of teaching oneself that plays a substantial role in educating them on the best methods to use while carrying out an online research to improve the learning process. Therefore, the open-source resources are turned out to be an effective way of enhancing online research because the information is regulated hence suitable for any age group. The more people continue using open source technology, the better the information available online for research will be.

Learning by doing

Technology offers learners a variety of procedures that they can follow online during the process of research in order to come up with the right information as intended for the purpose of the research. Without sufficient knowledge of computer skills, it can be difficult for technology to enhance one’s online research techniques because individuals require knowledge of how to maneuver across the internet. Therefore, technology has enhanced online research by allowing individuals to read and perceive information in order to make the right conclusion regarding the topic that they are studying. In addition, the act of doing what the internet requires of the user is a great way of improving a person’s mind which is in turn, reflected in the intelligence that they apply while carrying out research across the internet. It is therefore important for individuals to follow what technology requires them to ensure that they enhance their online research skills.

Elimination of the cut-and-paste culture

Technology has brought a lot of changes in the world of online research such as the availability of tools made to detect the parts of research that contain copied work. Therefore, this has enhanced the quality of research that is submitted by learners for marking because it is a reflection that they were able to comprehend the online information and write it in their words. Before, the advancements in technology, learners tended copying work directly from the internet to avoid the hustle of carrying out good research. However, this has changed by enhancing the research carried out online to come up with original information.


Concisely, the above ways play a substantial role in improving the learning system in terms of research. Learners are able to save a lot of time that they used to spend carrying out manual research in the libraries. With the advancements in technology, there is almost an answer to every question cross the internet. However, technology does not enhance online research directly. The learner’s ability to search and comprehend information plays a substantial role in determining whether the technology will assist them in the research. Some individuals are good at searching for information in libraries while others are good at browsing the internet to access information due to their excellent computer skills.

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