5 Ways to Grow Your E-Commerce Business on Instagram

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The world keeps changing every day as newer technology comes into play. Businesses, for instance, have significantly transformed their mode of operations. While we still have brick and mortar stores in many places around the world, many have an online presence to try and reach potential clients far and wide. With the advent of Instagram, selling products, or promoting your services online has never been this easy. You can also have your contacts on those stories for clients to reach you easily.

With the advent of Instagram, selling products, or promoting your services online has never been this easy. These days you can simply order Instagram followers and likes from sites like You can also have your contacts on those stories for clients to reach you easily.

You can also start using Instagram bots but be choosy when going for those as there are few companies already got shut down like Instagress. No worries there’s a lot of alternatives to Instagress you can rely on building a massive following.

Here are five simple ways you can use to grow your e-commerce business on Instagram.

Open a Business Account

The first step you should take to grow your business on Instagram is to have a business account. It is through this account that you will interact better with clients and showcase your products or services. It is a requirement that you have a Facebook business profile to link to your Instagram business account. With an Instagram business account, you will enjoy more features tailored for online business and have a better chance of attracting more clients. Ensure that you have your bio detailed enough with relevant information about your company as well as your contacts that clients can use to reach you.

Post Quality Content

You cannot grow your e-commerce business if you do not have followers on Instagram. It is the followers that later become your clients and help you draw more followers. As a client, you would be more inclined to buy from an account that has 60k followers than the one with 700 as you would consider the former more authentic and reliable. This is why you need to get quality images and videos and post on your page using a consistent theme to draw a following to your account. Instagram is more of a visual platform. The more people get attracted to visually to what you are posting, the more they follow you and the more you grow your business.

Use Instagram Stories

Posting quality images and videos is just one part of the game. A lot of Instagram users nowadays tend to scroll through Instagram stories in their free time and never bother to go to the main profiles. With business, the key is increasing your visibility on Instagram so you will need to work on these stories. You can post images of your products or videos with links leading to your store or direct buy links on these stories. Since most Instagram users claim to have bought something directly from their accounts, why not take advantage of this and directly pitch your products on these stories. You will not only make sales but also have an opportunity of growing your following. You can also have your contacts on those stories for clients to reach you easily.

Hold Contests

Increasing engagement on your business Instagram account helps to grow your e-commerce business. One of the ways you can increase engagement is to hold contests and other events on your page. Contests involve organizing an event where participants have to fulfill particular requirements to win some prices. These contests have to be attractive enough and fun so that your followers can also share the same on their pages. For instance, you can a promotion where clients get discounts or prizes for making sales worth specific amounts. Such activities stir up your business and grow your account at the same time. Remember, with Instagram, the key is not only having a large following but one that is also active and engaging.

Follow Others

You need to follow others and participate in popular conversations if you want to increase your visibility. Following others who also follow you and participating in their activities is more a sign of respect and concern. If especially you consistently engage with most of your clients, then they will feel like they are part of your business. There is nothing as fulfilling as clients feel like they are part of the process. They soon become like family and help share your business with the world. Participating in popular conversations and offering meaningful comments and suggestions also help to draw more people to you and hence more clients.

E-commerce business is no doubt competitive with all the businesses that are now online. Getting a loyal following requires that you play your cards smartly. These are just some of the tips you can use to establish your business on Instagram.

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