5 Ways to Improve Your Splitgate Game

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Players of Splitgate know that it’s more than just a game; it’s a way of life. Every minute of the day, all you can think about is how you’re going to team up with your pals and shoot up the world. You’re constantly strategizing and planning, continually building up your arsenal of skills, constantly improving your game. There’s never a dull moment when you play Splitgate.

The article will cover the various ways that you can get better at Splitgate. The advice below can apply to any game mode or any level of play; these are things that anyone and everyone should be doing to get better and improve their play and win rate.

In addition to the advice in this article, you can also improve your play in Splitgate by playing the tutorial and becoming familiar with all of the different roles within each team.  You can learn about which level of health a specific type of weapon has, for example.


  1. Pay attention to what’s in your crosshairs

If you’re trying to shoot an enemy, make sure that your crosshairs are actually on him. Likewise, if a teammate is trying to shoot a gun out of your enemy’s hands, make sure that you don’t shoot at them.  It’s easy to make a mistake as such because you’re concentrating on the things going on around you – it’s human nature.

The game happens quickly, and you can find yourself being focused on a million different things. However, if you’re constantly making these crosshair mistakes, it may be time to take a second and reassess your game.


  1. Positioning is everything

You can be aware of your positioning at all times. Remember that team composition directly influences your positioning.  If you’re playing a fast, agile team, it’s essential to be more aggressive and close range. If you’re playing an aggressive team, it’s critical to be more defensive and control the map.  Don’t forget to communicate with your team so that you’re all on the same page.

There are also certain things that you can keep in mind when it comes to positioning.  For example, if you’re being cornered or pushed into a tight space with your enemies, try to take the high ground.  It will give you a strategic advantage over your enemies as they will have to come up to you and expose themselves to fire.


  1. Utilize the Heavy Weapons to your advantage

Heavy weapons can be a potent tool in a team’s arsenal.  Try to use them on chokepoints and on areas that have a lot of covers. Heavy weapons are also good for taking down turrets.  However, you should know how powerful they can be and how much damage they can do.

For example, the grenade launcher deals damage in an area.  When someone is trying to attack you or someone else, you can wait until they are close so that you can deal extra damage.  As mentioned before, you’ll want to take the high ground when you can. Doing this can give you more of tactical advantage over your enemies.

The grenade launcher also uses a lot of ammo.  You should be aware of where your ammo supply is so that you can plan out your game.


  1. Use a melee weapon in conjunction with your gun when available

The handgun can be very powerful when used by an experienced player.  However, you should know when to use the handgun and when to use something else.  The handgun can be used to finish off enemies when they are almost dead.  It’s also good for clearing an area when you don’t want to fire a bunch of rounds – you can fire one shot, and if it doesn’t kill the enemy, they’ll be close to death.

The melee weapon is excellent for close-quarters combat and effectively takes down turret gunners and guards.  If your team is advancing to an enemy base, you should plan your route so that you can get in close and melee the gunners. That way, they can’t just hide behind a shield and blast away at you.


  1. Stay alert when you’re in the respawn box

When you die, you immediately lose all of your weapons.  You also lose all of your ammo.  This means that you have to be prepared to fight with your bare hands when you respawn.  When you’re in the respawn box, there are a few things that you should be aware of so that you can react quickly and get back into action.

First, listen for gunshots.  You don’t have a gun, so you can’t shoot enemies – but they can still shoot at you. You should be aware of where your enemies are.  If you hear gunshots, crouch low so that you don’t get spotted right away.  Listen for other enemies coming to attack you so that you can plan your attack.

Hopefully, these five tips will help you improve your Splitgate game

There you have it, five tips for improving your Splitgate game. Hopefully, you’ll find these Splitgate hacks and cheats helpful.  Everyone has a different way of approaching the game and playing it, so some of these tips will be a little more useful for certain players.

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