5 Ways To Make Puzzles Challenging And Fun Again

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Jigsaw Puzzles

Puzzles have always been a fun way to kill time or practice the mind. The truth is everyone likes puzzles. But, sometimes doing it the old-fashioned way can become dull, especially for puzzle enthusiasts. If you are looking for new ways to make jigsaw puzzles fun again try changing things up a bit by making it more difficult to solve them.

Whether it’s a brand new puzzle or an old one you’ve already assembled, an alternative way might be a game-changer! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. To make it even more fun and exciting we’ll suggest some ideas that might just be what you are looking for.



Upside down

Yes, you read it right. What’s more challenging than assembling it upside-down? It’s a simple idea and yet so intriguing. 

There are many challenging jigsaw puzzles for adults in 1000+ pieces or in 3-D as well as puzzles without a picture for guidance. But it’s not always in the new shapes, colors, or sizes, sometimes you just need to change perspective.  

Try to complete an old favorite while looking at it upside down. This way you’ll pay more attention to the details of the image, and you might just find new beautiful details in it. If you decide to try your luck with a new puzzle, the level of difficulty adds up. This may work best with puzzles featuring people, landscapes, or interior designs. You will have to work even harder since these kinds of jigsaw puzzles are even more colorful. 


No peeking at the box

What do you say about blind puzzle making? You can’t look at the box to see the picture, you just need to arrange and try your best to figure out what it is. Some people consider looking at the picture beforehand as cheating. Wouldn’t it be more fun to see the result at the end and go in blindly? If you choose 500 or 1000 piece puzzles then it will slightly increase the difficulty.

Depending on the colors of the puzzle, this can be a challenging moment for your brain and eyes, too. For example, you can choose a palette puzzle, with vibrant colors leading to white. It will test your color vision, so let the subtle changes guide you. Another difficult challenge would be the different cut styles of the puzzles. This gives a new dimension of difficulty if you don’t know how it should look in the end.   


Choose a jigsaw puzzle with unfamiliar shapes of the pieces

Every puzzle is unique and different, but what’s most interesting is that there are also ones with different shapes of the puzzle pieces. When you become tired of seeing the standard jigsaw cut pieces, turn to unfamiliar piece shapes and your mind will work even harder to grasp the new challenge. The options of these kinds of puzzles vary from having one different piece to all of the pieces having different forms. For example, some complex edge pieces form special shapes like animals or profiles.

Interlocking puzzles are considered one of the most challenging because the differences in the pieces’ shapes are most subtle. These are also known as Japanese-style puzzles. And to make it even more stimulating, try to time yourself while doing these types of puzzles. You can give yourself 10 minutes to find the edges, and then 1 hour to finish the whole thing. But, of course, you can customize the challenge for your skill level and schedule.


Friendly puzzle race

If you run out of ideas for game night, a puzzle race can be just what you are searching for! Or why not make it a friendly competition between family members? It can be something different and special to share with your loved ones. Try racing head-to-head with a judge in the middle so it would be a fair game. You can also choose to time it, to make it even more challenging.

To make it even more exciting you can choose a dare, for example, whoever finishes second has to listen to the winners’ demands. This is perfect for game night with friends. Decide whether you will go head-to-head with a different puzzle but with the same piece count or an easier option would be going with the same puzzle for both teams. Choose the level of challenge wisely!


Avoid starting with the edges!

Maybe a simple challenge is what suits you best. If you just want to relax you can try this technique. We know the most common way of starting a puzzle is finding the edges to assemble them and construct the frame. After that, it’s somewhat easier to find and place the other pieces. But, what about starting with the other pieces first?

You have a couple of options you can choose from, for example, start with one corner and then move outward. It would seem like you are painting a picture, piece by piece. You can also start connecting smaller pieces on the side and then put them together to make up for the bigger picture. If you find this difficult, there are quite a few tips and tricks to teach yourself how to solve them more easily.  

You might find that puzzles are great for getting rid of boredom and anxiety, and plenty of other health benefits. Also, spending time strategizing how to finish is a great exercise for your brain. The variations of jigsaw puzzles nowadays give a new perspective of the game. As new games are being developed each day, people look for more and more challenging puzzles.

Some people make it a family tradition to do puzzles on game night. Spending time with family is always valuable and what better way to spend it than by solving a difficult jigsaw puzzle, right? Once you’ve finished the puzzle you can frame it and put it up on the wall. There are plenty of customized puzzles that will complement your home décor. 

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