6 Best Gadgets That Help To Study Better Than Your Classmates

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Studying is hard work! It’s not just a matter of reading all that stuff, it’s also a matter of keeping it all in your head and having it available when you write those papers or take those exams. How do people do that so effectively? How do they all have that information at their fingertips like that?

Well, some are geniuses. For them, learning is just easy. Yeah, it’s not fair. Fortunately, that’s hardly all of them. A lot of people get better at studying by using the right tools. If you want to be one of those people, then check out this article as we’ve got some of them listed right here.



You really want to get your hands on a Kindle or some other kind of reader before term starts. In this way, you can take all those heavy textbooks with you wherever you go and – because of the backlight – read them under any condition.

Even better, you can search for them easily – which makes it much easier to find back what you read a week ago and really need to quote today.

What’s also nice is that you can share documents between different Kindle devices. In this way, you can get your documents far more cheaply and perhaps even for free. And that will very quickly indeed earn you back what you spent on your reader.


Stay Focused

It turns out that letting yourself get distracted by streaming, social media, and the news all the time isn’t all that good for your studying habits (who would have thought?). For that reason, you need software that will help block certain sites while you’re studying, so that you won’t be tempted to go on there and will actually get those hours you promised yourself you’d do in there by the end of the day.

The solution is to Stay Focused. It will let you set certain pages as off-limits for certain periods of the day. In this way, you won’t find yourself getting into fights with friends on your wall, or checking out the latest episode of whatever show you’re watching now. Yes, that is boring. But you’ll thank yourself come exam time.


Moleskine smart writing set

It turns out that writing by hand is far better for remembering what the teacher says. At the same time, if you write things on your laptop then you’ll actually be able to figure out what you were trying to say (plus that super useful search function will be available to you).

So that creates a bit of a problem. How do you square the one with the other? Well, by buying a Moleskine smart writing set, of course. Here you get to write by hand, after which what you’ve written gets uploaded straight to your device. The best of both worlds: a good memory and notes that help write your essay or other creative assignments.


Tomato Timer

Often we end up procrastinating endlessly not because we’re lazy but because we’re secretly terrified about the big mountain that’s in front of us. We think ‘oh god, I don’t want to spend the next ten hours studying’ and so we put it off hour by hour until we only manage to get 2 hours done right at the end (when we’re really too tired to actually remember any of it).

For that reason, try something like Tomato Timer. You set this and then you work for 25 minutes without letting yourself get distracted. In that way, you’ll be 25 minutes further with a sea of time still ahead of you. Do that a few times in a day and you’ll actually make real progress – and still, have time left over for the fun stuff.

The secret lies in that with these kinds of devices you focus on the individual steps and not the whole journey. And that lets you actually get somewhere.


Khan Academy

Sometimes it seems like professors are from other planets. They explain stuff and you just don’t get it. Even worse, they’ve given you a textbook that is as easy to comprehend as Latin, written backward by somebody who is both blind and dyslexic.

What you need in those cases is to find somebody else to explain these concepts to you. Khan Academy is where you go to find somebody like that. They offer you tons of courses that explain things better than most professors do.


Last words

Yes, you’ll still have to put in the hard work. Studying doesn’t just happen. Nonetheless, using these tools will make it a great deal easier and distraction-free. That can make all the difference and push you ahead of the vast majority of your class. So why not give them a try? You’ll be surprised what a difference they’ll make.


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