6 Essential eSports Betting Strategies for Beginners

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Here are some easy-to-follow esports betting strategies to get you begun. While there are several professional methods for gambling on esports, the only way to move from a rookie to a betting pro is by mastering the fundamentals first. So here we will show you six different strategies to guide beginners for eSports Betting.


  1. Make Good Use of Live eSports Betting

We usually recommend that you begin by placing extremely straightforward pre-match esports bets. However, if you’re feeling a bit more secure, there’s a lot to be said about trying out certain live esports gambling. By gambling on esports after the game begins, you may try to capitalize on any differences between both the real-time odds and the official match.

The simplest method to accomplish this is to locate an esports gambling website that provides free live streaming sites such as Twitch. You may get lucky and bet your money before the gambling site has had a chance to modify the value of their bets if you attentively watch the on-screen activity and watch the ever-changing odds. This strategy requires talent and discipline, but it could pay off handsomely.


  1. Concentrate on Your Favorite Game

A wide variety of esports is available. A wide variety of games are available for placing your wagers, including arena shooters like Fortnite and first-person shooters such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. While new games like Overwatch or League Of legends are released every year to entice you to place a wager, we always advise that you stick to wagering on video games that you are familiar with.

By now, you should be familiar with every hero in Overwatch, so you can predict the outcome whenever the match starts. However, you won’t know which bets provide you the highest odds of succeeding until you know every rule of a complicated game like ‘LoL’. Because of this, our esports betting strategy suggests that you only gamble on esports that you are well-versed in.


  1. Never Follow the Herd When Betting on eSports 

When it comes to esports betting, it is indeed easy to get confused by the excitement and adrenaline. You may be tempted to bet on a squad because they’re the center of attention when viewing a large competition like the LoL World Championship.

That being said, we would always advise you to conduct your own analysis of each contending squad before placing a wager. There will be many bettors who have profited handsomely from supporting Astralis after they rose from relative obscurity to be one of the top CSGO teams in the world.


  1. Timing is Crucial 

You ought to be able to capitalize on the winners of many esports competitions in the same way that you can gamble on the final winner of the Top Division. Forming long estimates about who will win these e-sport events is a delightful activity, from the ESL One tournaments to LoL Worlds & DreamHack.

Nevertheless, you should keep this in mind when making outright wagers on esports events. If you place your bet too early, you run the risk of your favorite team being eliminated in the qualifying rounds. To make matters worse, if you wait until the very last minute, you might as well not bother betting at all. So keep an eye on every match and understand when to put your money on the table.


  1. Know When to Use eSports Betting Bonuses 

Bonuses are often offered by esports betting websites to assist you to make money from your bets, which can be found on several casinos such as CasinoTop online casino and much more. There’s a lot to be gained from taking advantage of esports betting incentives, whether they’re for new clients or existing ones.

But keep in mind that even the most basic of bonuses may come with certain restrictions on how and when you may spend your extra betting dollars. It is fairly uncommon for promos to have conditions attached to them that prevent them from being utilized in conjunction with particular esports matches. Although this may be the case, we still believe that incentives are a terrific method to increase your profit margins.


  1. Set a Betting Budget

All seasoned bettors understand the importance of establishing a suitable betting budget for themselves and their teams. They do this in order to avoid falling into the same trap of unwittingly betting too much and placing a stupid bet throughout the heat of a moment while the game is on their mind.

If you are betting on esports, you should consider using a strategy like this because the sport may be quite unexpected, and there is a significant risk that you will waste some of your wagers occasionally. In the long run, though, you ought to be able to absorb the infrequent loss if you plan your betting budget well and stick with it over time.

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