6 Facts About Mobile Games Which You Should Know

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Angry Birds 2

We all know that mobile gaming is on the rise and the revenues of mobile games are going to overtake console games this year. Console developers are shifting their attention to mobile gaming which is more lucrative now with all the in app purchases and advertisements revenue, Flappy Bird on it’s peak days made a $50k each day from ads alone, but not all in app purchases are just for fun some are very necessary to proceed in the game or you will be defenseless without them. So all in all you have to buy those in app purchases just to have an edge in the game. but not all games are subject to in app purchases some are highly addictive; I have recently tried sky vegas which is a bingo based game (Yes, I am not old and I still play it) and it got me hooked. you can join sky vegas by clicking the link. Now online gaming is another contender with the mobile gaming so all in all it is bad news for console developers.

After playing bingo online I got so hooked on the game that I actually searched for bingo gadgets just to tease stereotypes and to my amaze there is a lot of stuff online, if you love bingo you won’t be disappointed by all the phone cases. That proves I am not a rare breed and people do actually search and buy such cases and no my grandma don’t want to have a case on her Nokia 3310. Yes, you’ll probably spend far too much time playing it; and yes, you really should be working, but enough of the minor details, let’s get on with talking more about the games.

Mobile gaming industry are expected to grow 51% in North America, 47% in Western Europe, and, above all, 86% in China this year. You might already know, company which made Candy Crush sold for a cool 5.9 Billion Dollars, You ask why? because it have millions of users playing it every month and it is making millions of dollars in the process, Yes that is correct.

How mobile gaming becomes a huge contender so fast and so lucrative, you will get to know in our facts below.

Candy Crush

1. Mobile games can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime

Mobile gaming is not like console gaming it is more mobile and you do not need need a TV, console, controller and game disc comparatively mobile games are, well, mobile – since they’re portable and can be enjoyed anywhere. And in this day and age, when smartphones are becoming lighter, smaller and faster being portable is also what makes games successful. These days games are getting more smarter and more logical not all are mindless racing games.


2. Mobile games are fun and will help you relax

People mostly in their free time and it is the best way to kill time while commuting to work or home and after a stressful day it is a best way to unwind. Games are becoming more socializing then ever now you can compete with friends or with random strangers to have a healthy competition. In fact, there are many explanations why people play mobile games nowadays, but the main reason is that they are just so simply enjoyable. Some games are so addictive they will stick in your head and begs you to play more.


3. Mobile games are becoming more educational

Mobile games can be the first thing your child learn from, but not only because they’re just so much fun to play. There are a large number of games on improving one’s knowledge in such an interactive way that schools would only dream of. Face it all kids now a days got iPads and iPhones and what not, Take Angry Birds, for example, it is a real brain booster as the gameplay entirely focuses on trajectory, momentum and gravitational laws that are yet taught in an extremely interactive manner. but in other hand we have hugely popular Candy Crush which is insanely addictive and will keep your mind on it’s toes at all times you have to access all your brain power to get through it’s harder levels. Just keep your kids off Flappy Bird.


4. Mobile games improve your brain

Challenging your brain it’s just a game away there are many games in the market which can challenge your brain on the levels you never tested it before. According to Dr. Cynthia Green, “mobile-based games get us to focus, think fast, and think flexibly”. This makes games not just a ‘relaxator’, but also a ‘brain-developer, they train your brain to be sharp and active and will help you take decisions much quicker, It also prevents mental decay. At least, that’s what researches at the University of Iowa say. According to their findings, playing games can delay the natural decline of cognitive skills up to seven years. So there you go — gaming is not all bad it can actually help your brain to grow and it is a best thing for kids in a supervised conditions and for small bursts of time.


5. Mobile games makes you social and not turn you into a loner

Here is an another interesting research by Twitch and they find gamers lead more socially active lives than non-gamers. This is so true, I get more socially active with friends and with some people I barely know before started playing games with them, since we started playing online games on consoles and on mobile devices we are more hanging out together, In short I gained more real life friends as well as online friends. Gamers are more educated, more optimistic, more conventionally successful, close to their families, and, most importantly, more socially conscious. According to the research results, gamers are more engaged in society and are generally friendlier, since they value friendships more than non-gamers (57% vs. 35%). What do you have to say about that?


6. Mobile games are cheap to buy and even some great free ones are out there

Mobile games not only care for your brain and kept it sharp but it also respects your wallet and give you cheaper entertainment, not like $60 or something but game from big developers only cost $5 to $10 at the max. but in game purchases can be a pain at times and you might end up spending more so you have to be wise about gaming and the amount you spend. Most mobile games these days are either super cheap, free-to-play. On top of that, mobile games don’t require you to buy a console, e.g. Xbox One or PS4 that are worth several hundred dollars each. You just have to have a decent smart phone for gaming which everyone has already. So to wrap up here, Mobile gaming is cheap, easy to play and keeps you sharp and out of bad things. So which game you be playing now?


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