6 Gaming-Related Careers for Geeks

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The video game industry is booming. It’s one of the most lucrative fields around right now, and it only seems to be gaining momentum as time goes on. While in the past it might have seen that there is no future for you if all you really like to do is gaming, times have changed drastically.

If you have a passion for video games and are looking to earn more money so that you can buy cheap League of Legends accounts, perhaps a career in the gaming industry is for you. But the field is now as diverse as any other, so you have a great number of choices. Here are some of the most popular gaming-related careers, each of them offering something unique and interesting.



This is the most basic form of employment within the gaming industry. If you want to make games for a living, chances are you’ll start out as one. Also known as beta testers, these guys are tasked with scouring sections of the game in search for bugs, glitches, and any other types of flaws they can find. Their role is instrumental in ensuring the game is playable and polished. It’s quite a demanding task, but one that can be quite rewarding if you put your heart into it.

Testing is the job for you if you’re a perfectionist with a keen eye for detail. Of course, the best way to make sure you’re ready is to play a lot of games in your free time – that way you get to know what exactly can be more problematic than other aspects. With plenty of opportunities to stand out, this is the perfect starting position.


Game Designer

The job that’s most coveted by gamers all around the globe. As a game designer, your responsibility is coming up with concepts that will later get turned into video games. You get to decide on all aspects of a game, as well as get your hands dirty with whatever systems you feel like. Game designers often need to coordinate the work performed by various teammates, all in order to ensure that there is a solid vision for the end product present in development from the very start.

Of course, since this position is so sought-after, you’ll be facing some stiff competition if you really want to be a game designer. Because of this, this isn’t an entry-level position – get some experience before you decide to take a plunge. Once you go, it’s all about perseverance.


Tech Support Specialist

If you’re less about getting your hands dirty in the development process and more inclined to manage developer/client relationship, you might consider the role of the tech support specialist. This job involves a lot of communication with other gamers. Using email, telephone calls, as well as various other channels, you will be helping customers that have problems with any of your games or equipment.



Perhaps you’re a passionate gamer, but don’t really have a lot in terms of technical knowledge. Instead, you’re the type that immerses themselves in a story and makes that the core of their gaming experience. Perhaps that’s inspired you to come up with your own game stories and hone your writing skills, to the point that now you’re an expert in writing punchy, satisfying dialogue. If that’s the case, consider becoming a video game writer.

When it comes to writing, you can go in one of two directions. You can become a scriptwriter, which will see you focusing more on the storytelling and dialogue aspect of the work, but you can also become a technical writer, which involves creating instruction manuals.



If you are skilled in the visual arts, there is plenty you can do in game design. All you need is some graphic design experience, you can come in as a character designer, animator, concept artist, or any other manner of visual media specialists. Competition is quite stiff here as well, but if you have a unique style that catches the eye, you’re bound to find a job for yourself without a problem.



Finally, no game is completed without sound and music. While more technically minded individuals might pursue sound design, if you’re a musician that knows how to create gripping melodies, a video game composer might just be the career for you. The competition here isn’t as stiff as in other areas, but that’s mostly because this type of talent is quite rare. If you have it and want to do it – go for it!



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