6 Things To Know About Professional Gamers 

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Nowadays, video games seem to be everywhere. People play them when they’re going to work or even when driving. Thus, professional gamers are unsurprisingly a common sight these days.

Professional gamers, however, are more than just faces in in-game lobbies and live-streaming videos—they’re real people with exciting stories to share. They undergo rigorous training, and many devote time to reading resources, like this guide to becoming a professional gamer.  

Here are other five things you may not know about professional gamers:


  1. It Takes A Lot Of Time And Practice To Be A Professional Gamer  

Do you think professional gamers have an easy life?  After all, they’re only sitting at home playing video games all day, right?  Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth.  

To be a professional gamer, you often need to train long hours a day and multiple days a week to compete and win tournaments for big money prizes. This number of hours and practice may help you make it into the top echelons of the gaming profession.   


  1. Gamers Can Make An Excellent Living Wage  

Many people may know that professional gamers are considered athletes even if they’ve never stepped foot into a gaming store or Internet cafe. Professional players have to work hard, just like all athletes do. Thus, this status can help them make a lot of money. There are even online game tournaments that offer millions of dollars as prizes. Also, professional gamers make money from sponsorships, live streaming, or in-game items that they sell.  

Ultimately, professional gamers are no different than any other athlete, even if the way they make their money is a bit more unusual. Thus, just like professional athletes, pro gamers may also require care for the eSports injury they may suffer from. 


  1. Pro-Gamers Are Taxed Like Professional Athletes 

Do you know that professional gamers also get taxed because they’re considered professional athletes?  The earnings for pro gamers have been rising just as fast, if not faster, than top-tier players in other sports, such as poker and golf. 


  1. Professional Gamers Aren’t Just Young Kids  

The one thing you should know is that professional gamers aren’t just young kids. Sure, there are plenty of pro gamers who fit this description, and they may be the most well-known in certain circles, but video games have a broad appeal these days.  

There are professional gamers who are in their 20s and 30s. Some are below 20, but, on average, the majority are in their mid to late 30s. Like the other players on this list, these older pro gamers handle a balance between work and life to put as much time into practicing their skills for live competitions.  

That being said, age doesn’t really seem to matter when it comes to playing video games competitively. 


  1. Gaming Is Becoming More Common As An Occupation For People With Disabilities

A person with a disability may not be able to do the same things as someone who has none. Therefore, the video gamer profession is becoming more common for people with disabilities. It’s because games don’t require any heavy lifting or physical exertion.  

Some persons who have disabilities can’t do physical therapy because they aren’t specialized enough. In these cases, gaming offers an outlet for them to be active and engaged in their rehabilitation process.  This opens their path to more careers in the gaming industry. A good example is professional game tester opportunities where they’re observed if they can play games efficiently with one hand or with their eyes only.  


  1. There Are Many Ways To Get Started As A Pro-Gamer   

Are you thinking about becoming a pro gamer?  You may not know what it takes, but there are many paths to get started. Some of them are listed below. 

  • Start with a strong work ethic and work hard for long periods.   
  • Professional gaming doesn’t require expensive equipment or software. In fact, some professional gamer careers consist only of watching other people play in the beginning. Many even start out as fans of traditional sports or other activities that they’re involved in before their interest in gaming grew.  
  • Professional gamers are often knowledgeable and have a talent for analyzing complex problems to solve them quickly.   
  • You can start as a pro gamer by playing video games casually, streaming your gameplay to an audience online, or competing in tournaments.  
  • Get a streaming channel. Professional gamers often have their own live-streaming channels that they use as part of their strategy for attracting followers and sponsors. 

Many say that the best part of being a professional gamer is playing games for a living. If this sounds like the perfect career choice, there are many helpful tips for getting started with the pro-gaming journey.

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