6 Ways on How to Improve Your Customer Service With Text Messaging

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As a business owner or a brand, you understand that there are a variety of ways to reach out to your target market. There are platforms that will connect you and help you build a strong business relationship, sometimes even a community. One of those ways you can connect with people is through text messaging marketing, as it may be the most accessible tool in this digital age. Everyone nowadays has focused on social media platforms, but text messaging can provide the basis for reaching out to consumers with a few useful tips.


Short and Simple

When it comes to text messaging for marketing and communication, it is best to keep your messages short and simple. The experts at Messente understand that text messages are a great way of getting important information across as most people are on their phones, or if not, have quick access to them. You have to make sure you get your information through in the first few lines, and not to drag on more than you need to. The reason for getting your information out there early is because, on the initial reception, people can see the first few lines. If the text message does not appeal to them right away, they can choose to ignore the message.


Language of the Medium

When sending text messages, it is important to be concise in your wording. You aren’t writing an essay, so you don’t need a lot of adjectives or adverbs. At the same time, you want your readers to be able to understand exactly what you are trying to communicate. Don’t use lingo or jargon that can be too complicated to understand. You are communicating through text messages, more personal and casual experience so it is okay to have a more relaxed exchange.


Value and Purpose

When sending text messages, you don’t quite have the real estate you do with an email. You need to ensure that the messages you send provide some sort of value and hold a purpose. If you are selling or providing a service, lead with that right after you’ve acknowledged them. If you provided your contacts with a service before that they appreciate, continuing to provide that service and build that trust will be beneficial for continuing your professional relationship.



It doesn’t matter how you communicate, whether it’s through a mailing list or text message, you need to take the time to proofread everything. Sending a sloppy message full of errors can show your client and customer base that you are not willing to take the time to make sure you’ve sent out a professional message. Proofreading is one of those things that if you do it right, it goes unnoticed. But doing it wrong or not doing it at all can have such negative feedback that you deter clients from your business. No one wants to waste their time with something they can’t read or understand.



Catering to your audience is very important when it comes to marketing. Connecting with clients and customers over text means your messages might be a little short, but just because your communication might be limited doesn’t mean you should skip out on building that connection. If you are able to address each of your clients, that will work wonders in building a professional relationship for any business. If you begin to have too many clients to work with consistently at high volumes, you may want to cut back on the amount of communication and focus on making sure every connection is a quality one. People and consumers are smart and able to understand that you may not be addressing them personally. That’s why personalization through communication is almost like a lost art and can be such an important factor when it comes to text message marketing.



When sending out your text messages, the timing of your messages is important. The more likely someone is on their phone at an appropriate time, the more likely someone is to read and positively acknowledge your message. Sending messages at times during the day where they are away from their phone can be disengaging. Additionally, good times to send messages are after interactions, or transactions, as this supports and helps supplement your previous interaction. Sending out a message shortly after a client or customer has used one of your services is a good way of reinforcing that relationship from a business standpoint.

Text messaging is a staple in the digital world and a part of everyone’s lives. As a brand or business, you want to use all the tools you can connect with people effectively. Continue to do this and you will see how it helps you in building and forming meaningful connections with others.


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