7.6 Tons Of Fake Pokémon Cards Confiscated By Chinese Authorities

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Pokémon Cards

Customs officials at Shanghai’s Pudong Airport have confiscated 7.6 tons of fake Pokémon cards. The cards were sent from a company in China’s Qingdao region and were bound for the Netherlands.

According to Pokeguardian, the customs document, which listed the export goods as having no brand name, raised doubt among the airport officials. Pokémon is copyrighted in China and is protected by the country’s intellectual property laws. Therefore, exporting fraudulent cards violates Chinese law.

Pokémon Cards

Customs officials exposed the boxes and found that they have fake Pokémon cards. The exporter was apparently listed as a company called Qingdao Import and Export Co., Ltd.

Pokémon Cards

Can you tell the difference between original and fake cards? Maybe you can, but these bootleg cards could easily be bought by unsuspecting customers. It’s always needed to buy cards from reputable dealers.

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