7 Accessories Every PC Gamer Needs

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Gaming is a booming industry of the 21st century with E-sports introducing us all to the world of competitive gaming at the start of the century. Many Events of PC gaming take place in the world every month with amazing prize money and talented individuals have made it their careers to participate in these E-sport events. Whether you are a competitive player looking to up their game and compete in the top level of E-sports or a casual player who just wants to play solo or multiplayer with friends you need to enhance your gaming experience by investing a little into PC accessories.

There are a couple of things that you need before you get accessories and those two things are a gaming PC and a good stable internet. Your PC should be able to play the games that you are looking to play competitively or casually. Some of the games are graphic card demanding while others demand a good CPU, find a balance between them, and make a gaming PC according to your needs. A good stable internet connection can help you enhance your online gaming experience. Good ping should be your first priority when looking for an internet connection. Experts suggest Mediacom and you can choose from one of their amazing deals by going to this link.

Here are the essential accessories that every gamer needs to own:

  1. Keyboard

A good gaming keyboard is an essential tool as pretty much all of the games need a keyboard to play on. While membrane keyboards can be used for a light gaming session now and then but for a person who is a true gamer at his core, a mechanical keyboard is a must. Mechanical keyboards are more durable and more responsive relative to their counterpart. Mechanical keyboards have better switches and there are many types of switches available on the market with different types of feel to them. You can choose whichever switch best suits your gameplay and feels easy for you to use. Mechanical keyboards come with many features such as N key rollover where you can press multiple keys at the same time and get every one of them detected without a problem, Macro keys where you can select a combination and sequence of key presses and last but not least RGB (No gaming setup is complete without RGB).

  1. Mouse

Just like the keyboard a gaming mouse is just as essential. If you are an FPS (First Person Shooter), strategy, or RPG gamer then having a gaming mouse will help improve your gaming experience ten folds. A gaming mouse compared to a regular mouse has a more precise cursor movement. The gaming mouse has different DPIs (DPI stands for Dots per inch and it determines the sensitivity, the higher the DPI the higher the sensitivity of the mouse), choosing a DPI suitable to your gameplay can be very easy as most of the gaming mice have variable and DPI and suitable sensitivity can be chosen easily. There are a great number of mouse available out there whether heavy or light, big or small, for left-hand players or for right-handed you can choose the one you are most comfortable with. Gaming mouse for RPG games has extra buttons on them and those buttons can be mapped to perform different actions in the game. Wireless mice used to have slow response time and were not considered good for competitive gaming but with advancements in wireless technology that delay in response is a thing of the past and wireless gaming mice are competing for the neck to neck in the industry.

  1. Mouse Pad/Mat

A good mouse pad or mat complements your gaming mouse. A mouse pad that is compatible with your mouse helps in the smooth movement of the mouse while aiming to shoot your opponents down in a game. There are multiple types of mouse pads or mats with a different textured cloth. Some mousepads have wireless charging pads built into it and can be used to charge mobile phones and wireless earbuds.

  1. Monitor

What use are gaming keyboards and gaming mice if you can’t see them in action? A good gaming monitor completes a PC gaming setup. The gaming monitor is the most expensive accessory and selecting one can be crucial to a great gaming experience. Led panel of gaming can be of three types TN, VA, or IPS, and deciding what panel to go for depends on what games you want to play. Most games primarily games in the FPS genre need high refresh rate monitors to have a smooth gaming monitor. Monitors come with different refresh rates. If you want a 1080p resolution monitor then 240Hz monitors are the best option you can go for while 4K gaming 144Hz will probably be enough as your PC is not going to be able to more than 144 FPS at 4K resolution. Finding a balance between refresh rate, Panel type and resolution of the monitor is key when it comes to choosing a gaming monitor.

  1. Headphones

Hearing a footstep behind the wall can be crucial to winning a game. A good headset will definitely help you in competitive multiplayer gaming as well as casual single-player games. A surround sound headset will let you immerse yourself in the game you are playing. Gaming headsets do provide an advantage when it comes to FPS gaming as it helps locate where your enemies are and you can keep track of them from the sound of their footsteps and gunshots.

  1. Microphone

Communication is key when it comes to online multiplayer gaming whether you want to yell “RUSH B” in a CS GO match or coordinate with your teammate in a strategy game. A good Microphone whether it is attached to a headset or a separate one helps you enjoy games with friends from the comfort of each of your homes.

  1. A Controller

If you used to play on consoles and are switching to PC gaming then a controller might just be what you need to enjoy games on your PC. You can hook your PC to your television and use it as a console and play Single Player titles from your couch using a wireless controller. Xbox Controller is compatible with most PC games and even a PS4 controller can be connected to the PC. Fighting games like Tekken and Street Fighter are played on special custom stick controllers in the competitive scene. If you are looking to play those games then it is a good accessory to own.

A complete gaming setup enhances the enjoyment that the game provides. So it is highly advised to consider building a perfect setup for yourself if you are looking for fun.

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