7 Accessories to Improve Your Gaming Experience

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Razer Turret

No matter how often you play video games, your experience can be enhanced or improved with the use of gaming accessories like high-quality audio equipment or a comfortable chair. Whether you are playing video games to keep busy while recovering from a procedure at ThriveMD or are a seasoned gamer who plays on a daily, your gaming experience is likely not as simplified as it could be with the use of these helpful accessories.


Headset Hangers

If you use wired headphones, it’s likely that your desk is constantly becoming cluttered with a frustrating mess of tangled wires. A headset hanger can keep your headphones safe yet accessible, ready for easy use.


Charging Dock

If you’re gaming on a console like a PS5 that requires the use of traditional controllers, cut down on unnecessary wires and maximize your storage space with a handy dock that can quickly charge multiple controllers at once.


Customizable Gaming Mouse

To step up your PC gaming experience, try a customizable gaming mouse that allows you to add or remove weights as needed to personalize resistance and speed. Pair this with a special gaming mousepad for pinpointed accuracy and an enhanced gaming experience.

Artymis 1000R Curved Gaming Monitors

Curved Monitor

Many gamers feel that a curved monitor allows them to become fully immersed in their games, as the curve allows them to be more surrounded by the action that’s taking palace on screen. Most monitors include a sleek design that can fit seamlessly into any gaming setup.


Ergonomic Slips

Whether you are playing with traditional game controllers or playing on a handheld divide such as the Nintendo Switch, holding a controller in your hands for hours can be uncomfortable. Ergonomic slips that attach to controllers for consoles add an extra layer of comfort, to make gameplay more enjoyable especially when it is done for long periods of time.


High Tech Microphones

Whether you are gaming with online friends or streaming your games for hundreds of viewers on Twitch, a high-quality microphone is important, as it delivers crystal clear audio to your audience or fellow gamers. Mics can be expensive, but they are one of the best investments you can make for your gaming setup, especially if you game or stream frequently.


Massage Chair

Ergonomic gaming chairs are a must-have to maximize comfort during gameplay, but some companies are taking things a step further – many gaming chairs now include massage chairs, for some extra relief and comfort during long hours spent playing games.

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