7 Easy and Simple Way to Boost Your Home Wifi

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We all use wifi and we have had issues ranging from poor range and fluctuating internet speed. There are a lot of easy to implement things which if done can improve the strength of your internet connection. In this article, we will share with you ways that if implemented properly, you will be able to improve the speed of your wifi. Mesh WiFi is the only wifi for a home built to eliminate dead zones and to provide uninterrupted WiFi throughout your home. WiFi that works as fast as you.

Wireless routers are increasing day by day and due to which more and more people are looking to make the most out of this amazing device that without your knowledge beams outs something called the internet.

1) Make your router visible


This may be a thing of tech which is visually just like a black box but it needs to be visible which means only if it is visible then you can expect a good range. So don’t hide it anywhere. Make sure it can be seen. If you have already placed it in a closed compartment then expect the internet to slow down. There are a ton of things in your room that absorb the radiation of your router so keep your router away from such things such as a table or a bookshelf. Always make sure that your router is placed at a better height so that the signals are evenly distributed.


2) Keep your stuff away from electrical appliances and metal objects  

Things like microwaves, cordless telephones, fluorescent lights, and other appliances are capable enough of interfering with your base wifi station. As a measure to stop or reduce the interference, keep your router away from such appliances, you can even set it to a different wireless channel and frequency. There are tools such as Acrylic Wifi for Windows users and for Mac users, there is Airgrab Wifi-radar. Even better, most modern routers have an automatic option to find the most suitable channel for your location.


3) Have a way to reschedule the router

This can be considered as a rule of thumb. You can fix a lot of the problems just by rebooting your electronic device. If you make it a routine to keep rebooting your modem frequently then your router will fix a lot of the problems on its own. As a matter of fact, whenever you shall call your customer care for getting a fix of the problem. The very first they are going to ask you is to reboot your system. As a fix, you can even buy yourself an outlet timer. Set the timer to reset your router and you can be rest assured that nothing happens to your router.


4) Upgrade your firmware

The reason why you are not getting a good internet speed could be because you must be using a very old version of your router and there is a high possibility that it may be having trouble with the latest drivers that ensure your system gets a healthy internet speed. So in case you are using a very old router, do upgrade it with the latest version so you can be in sync with the latest drivers and internet speed. It ensures that the net speed is at its best and efficient. Make sure you keep upgrading the router every 6-7 years.

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5) Buy a repeater

Almost all the routers these days have a range of 150 feet. In case you have a bigger space at your home then you might want to buy a repeater which is basically a device that accelerates or rather magnifies the range of your router. We have all had issues with the problem of getting a good speed when sitting far away from the router. Using a repeater, the signal’s strength improves drastically, and now even if your office space in the house is bigger. You will get a healthy internet speed.


6) Password protect your network

If you are using a wifi router at a place where there are a lot of people using it, then you might want to protect your network by adding a password so that only authorized people can connect to the router. All the routers have a feature inbuilt which can be accessed by entering their default gateway IP address such as or which will open the router’s login page. Here you can change the security settings. Make sure the password you set is big and has a combination of numbers, alphanumeric characters, and some special characters.


7) A DIY trick to improve the range of your wifi network

If you are not willing to spend much on a repeater then here is a trick you can make use of that will not necessarily improve the signal manifolds but it will ensure a slight change in your internet speed. This hack is called the windsurfer tin foil hack, you can even use an old beer can or a cooking strainer to extend the range of your router. Just open the beer car by cutting it in half and open the cylindrical portion and place it near the antenna.



All of the above tricks work. Now you need to see as per your ease about which trick can you execute. There is no hard and fast rule that will work as there are tons of different routers and there are many different systems. Always ensure that you first fix everything and see that there is no issue with your system. If everything is alright then go for the above steps. As a simple precaution, we will always recommend you to never share or use a public based Wifi station as it is the most prone to attacks. Always make use of private or paid wifi stations which ensure your privacy.

If all else fails and you’re using an internet provider’s supplied router then you may want to call them directly for further assistance to get a replacement. You may even decide that you may want to change home internet providers to get a better speed or perhaps save on your monthly bill. 

Many times you even see there are some cheap names such as free wifi which are mostly unethical ways to steal your information. You need to be cautious about that. It may be one of the ways to get past your system to steal information.


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