7 Games Inspired By The Arab World

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It is a very common thing for Arabs to pop up in media and not always for very good reasons but here we discuss the Arab world in video games. We’ve seen Arabs in movies, comics, and cartoons and if you didn’t know any better, you’d assume Arabs are loved by the entertainment industry and there are even best Arabic online casinos where you can have some fun with your wallet.

This movement of love continues in video games where Arab themes are always there to show us the exotic side or whenever game designers need a scorching hot, barren land filled with thieves and crooks and in some instances great architecture and beautiful landscapes.

And most of these game worlds are made of desert and it’s like game designers have never been to Dubai or Qatar, which I know for fact they go for vacationing regularly. But this is the topic for another day, so here in this post, we will talk about desert barren game lands which are inspired by the Arab world. So without any further hold-up, let’s get into it.

Paper Mario – Dry Dry Desert

1. Paper Mario – Dry Dry Desert

Dry Dry Desert is an amazing game and in the second level of Paper Mario, and the desert leads to Dry Dry Outpost, a village with toads and mice that were dressed in turbans. You find “mysterious secrets” when you encounter a mouse called Moustafa. You then look around the desert to get to Dry Dry Ruins and battle the super evil Tutankoopa. Very exciting.

The Legend of Zelda – Gerudo Valley

2. The Legend of Zelda – Gerudo Valley

With slightly more subtlety, we come to Gerudo Valley, which has an Arab theme to it thanks to the oriental music. You will encounter gypsies and thieves alike and is defined as a “blistering hot valley” in some arrangements and as a desert in quite many others.

Diablo 2 – Lut Gholein

3. Diablo 2 – Lut Gholein

Lut Gholein is an enigmatic overworld Diablo 2 players get in the second act of the title and is set to look like Ancient Egypt’s desert no huge surprise there and there are tombs. I mean, there are also camels so there’s gotta be an Arab somewhere in its near vicinity. Do check out the game.

Assassin's Creed

4. Assassin’s Creed

If you have played as the first assassin in the Assassin’s Creed franchise is an Arab called Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad. The translation of it is The Bird The Son of Nobody. Yes, it’s a name so common and it’s practically an institution of Arab storytelling.

The game is based in Jerusalem. As it goes on, you go about killing a list of Arab people given to you by your master and superior, Al Mualim. All this to recover your honor, which is sacred in the Arab world, clearly. The game was quite iconic and with a great storyline and a cornerstone of the Assassin’s Creed franchise.

World of Warcraft - Uldum

5. World of Warcraft – Uldum

World of Warcraft Uldum is known as the “Land of the Titans” but it is not all that at all. It’s a desert a big desert. The overworld sketches’ aesthetic influences are laboriously drawn from Ancient Egypt, It comes with pyramids, obelisks and some very similar deities, and very recognizable irrigation systems.

Prince of Persia

6. Prince of Persia

It’s very basic for a game with a Prince of what is obviously an ancient Arab and/or Persian civilization.  His turban and, particularly his impressive wall-climbing talents prove that he is overly Arab or Persian.

Sky Temple

7. Sky Temple

Guardians will try to turn control of their Temples from your group. You have to hold them off to keep the Temple’s supernatural powers for yourselves! Temple, deserts, supernatural deities, it has everything. Check out the trailer below.

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