7 Genius Ways to Improve Your Gaming Experience

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Gaming is a staple hobby of many people of all ages, and some have even taken to it professionally through eSports. With a range of consoles and games to choose from, it’s easy to see why gaming is so accessible and popular to many people. So, whether you’re #TeamPC, #TeamPlayStation, or #TeamXBOX, don’t settle for an average gaming experience. Instead, use these seven genius methods that will take you to a new level.


1. Try Different Genres

More often than not, a gamer will have a specific genre that they stick to. For example, this might be sports games or first-person shooters.

Although there’s nothing wrong with being committed to one gaming genre, it can get a little boring after a while. When this happens, it’s a good idea to spread your wings and try different genres instead.

Right now, here are the best gaming genres in the industry:

  • Adventure
  • Battle royale
  • Horror
  • Survival
  • Online Casino

In particular, the online casino genre has taken over the map. Now, millions of gamers worldwide are testing their gambling skills within online casinos – and it’s very exciting.

If you want to join in the action, make an account with the best online casinos Australia.


2. Upgrade Your Setup

How’s your current gaming setup look? If it’s like something out of the 1990s, then it’s time to switch it up.

In today’s age, a gaming setup should include:

  • A spacious desk
  • A comfortable gaming chair
  • Mood lighting
  • Shelves to stack the games in
  • A stand for controllers and headsets

Once you nail your setup, you’ll find gaming to be much more fun. Plus, you’ll be able to make your friends and social media followers jealous.


3. Invest in a New Headset

Headsets are very underrated. They help to advance audio quality whilst also providing people with a microphone for communicating with teammates, whether they’re playing Fortnite or Call of Duty.

If you’re a member of the PlayStation community and own a PS5, it’s recommended you try the Sony Pulse 3D headset. It has a 3D sound feature that it makes it feel like you’re immersed in the gaming environment. Give it a try – you’ll understand how great it is!

4. Add New Friends

Gaming is one of the best solo hobbies the world has ever seen. However, it’s always more fun when your friends are involved. You get to team up in different games as well as socialize with each other during breaks in-between.

For example, if you have 3 other friends who enjoy gaming, you could team up in the Fortnite ‘squads’ mode, where 4 friends get to play in the same squad together.

5. Watch eSports Tournaments to Learn from the Best

Each month, there are tons of eSports tournaments that you can watch on Twitch. Make sure to watch tournaments that are based around games you like, as this will enable you to make notes and improve how you play. After all, only the best in class get to play in eSports tournaments, so you’re learning from the best.


6. Boost Your Internet Speed

Gaming isn’t fun unless your internet is good – it’s a fact. For better internet, make sure you use a wired connection on the console and PC. Also, don’t forget to disconnect other devices from your WIFI network, as this will help to free up more broadband for you to use.

7. Trade-In Your Old Gaming Equipment

If you have any old gaming equipment laying around, you should trade it in for cash. This way, you can use the cash to buy new games or devices, such as a Nintendo Switch. It’s a no-brainer!

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