7 Interesting Games You Can Enjoy At Home

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Rotating Air Hockey And Billiards Table

There are days when the weather conspires against you, preventing you from venturing outside. This could be due to torrential rainfall, heavy snowfall, or even hurricanes. But this does not mean that you can’t have a good time while at home.

The following seven games are proof that having fun is not exclusive to the outdoors.


1. PC Games

PC Games are the world’s most popular indoor games. Fallout, Grand Theft Auto, Far Cry, and FIFA are some of the best-known examples. However, you need the right equipment to really enjoy any PC Game, which is why you should check out Gaming Weekender. This website has well-written articles on the latest gadgets in the gaming world.

Air Hockey

2. Air Hockey

Another popular game that is easily played at home is air hockey. The game is played on a table and involves striking a puck using a mallet. This is a game whose global popularity saw the formation of the US Air Table Hockey Association that is charged with establishing the rules and regulations followed in air hockey. A few basic rules of this game are:

The game is played by two players, each of whom are required to use one mallet throughout the game. Each player is allowed to have one time-out per game which should last a maximum of 10 seconds. After a game ends, players are required to switch sides.

Custom Ping Pong Tables by Uberpong

3. Ping Pong

There are several factors that make ping pong an ideal choice for an indoor game. First, it requires little space. All that is needed is some space that can fit the table which is 9 feet in length and 5 feet in width. The game has few and easy-to-understand rules which make it fun to play.

Rotating Air Hockey And Billiards Table

4. Pool Table

The pool table is another interesting game that can be enjoyed while at home. People often use the terms “pool table” and “billiard” interchangeably but in reality, these games are different in so many ways. First, the table on which the two games are played is different, with the pool tables being significantly smaller than snooker tables. Secondly, the balls played in billiards are smaller than those played at a pool table.

5. Foosball

While foosball is synonymous with arcades, being among the most popular arcade games in the world, this game can also be played at home. It is also important to know the accessories that are used in foosball. Some of the most important accessories include:

The foosball figures, which are the miniature players on the table. The foosball rods and bearings, on which the foosball figures are attached. The foosball balls. Scoring units. Knowing these accessories is necessary since foosball sets usually wear out after prolonged usage.

Wall Scrabble

6. Scrabble

Few of the aforementioned options come close to Scramble when it comes to challenging one mentally. The game is fun but it requires one to tap into his grammar to come up with words. So take out your dictionary and immerse yourself into the exciting world of Scrabble.


7. Darts

Darts are another cool way of entertaining yourself while at home. This game which is used by restaurant owners to draw in more clients is loved by millions of people around the globe. One advantage of darts is that this game takes little space, only requiring space on the wall to attach the dartboard.

With these exciting games, you should not have any excuse to be bored while at home. The seven options have something for everybody; darts for those who love shooting stuff, scramble for testing your knowledge of English words, and PC Games for everything in between.

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