7 Killer Games Which Will Make You Smarter

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Our brain is like a muscle that can be trained daily like our bodies in the fitness studios. The regular reading that you are used to or, for example, work that is connected with mental activity is not enough for training as the intensity is habitual for you and the new neuron connections are not created anymore.

Memorado is known as one of the most downloaded during the past several years in the category “mind games.” It is destined for the development of logical thinking and fast reactions which is useful in writing papers for college, planning your job schedule, or other aspects of your everyday life. It contains more than 500 levels that will be complicated as far as you play. Someday it will be a real challenge for you, but the battle is worth the blood – this is a hard but effective “gym” for your brain.


Essentially, Cerego is not a game, but it is worth to be mentioned in this selection as one of the most effective technologies for memorizing things. And, in fact, it is very hot-tempered and entertaining as you may create a list of things that have to be remembered fast and for a longer period. This project is based on a principle of work with a long-term memory when things should be repeated for certain times with fixed time intervals. You must not be even bothered to learn what are these intervals – the site or application will count them for you. All you need is to visit them regularly and to spend several minutes – other work will be done with your brain as the system works without fail. During several first days, it will take several times a day from you, and then it will be fewer efforts as this is how the long-time memory works.

Quantified Mind

This platform is fascinating – you may get stuck on it for hours –but don’t worry, it is all for good! Every user may not only train the brain skills here which differs from verbal to visual perception but also to take part in various studies.



It is one of the most advanced services, which is famous for scientists and people with a high IQ level. Researchers and healthcare professionals use it for studying the cognitive functions of their patients. Between a wide range of apps that are aimed to increase 8 cognitive functions, everyone may find something to expand the brain.


You may have already heard about this popular game, which trains your attention, memory, and other aspects of mind work and gives excellent results. It contains more than 20 brain games that are developed to improve your cognitive results. The game is very flexible and diverse, it can be adapted to your unique capabilities and your demand.

Fit Brains Trainer

Another good example of fresh mind games is a Fit Brains Trainer, which contains a collection of more than 35 types of activities which are divided into workout sections and developed for work with your language, concentration, and other skills. It also works with your emotional intelligence, which is the ability to identify, distinguish, and to perceive your emotions with a category of games that are focused on social skills and social and true self-awareness. You may play online games of both Fit Brains Trainer and Lumosity, or you may download their apps versions to your devices.

Personal Zen

Previously we’ve mentioned the importance of the ability to cope with stress for mental health. This game distinguishes itself from other games for brain stimulation. While playing you may simultaneously follow the actions of two characters – one of which looks friendly and peaceful and another one who is angry. The goal of this game is to cultivate a skill to be focused on positive moments instead of negatives which is essential for the proper functioning of the whole nervous system.


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