7 Simple Ways To Increase Facebook Likes

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Facebook likes don’t come overnight. It calls for hard work and applying the right measures to achieve this. That doesn’t mean it is complicated to increase your Facebook likes. No. There are 7 simple ways that can help you achieve this; update your personal profile with a link to a page you are managing, ensure your “About” section has relevant, simple, and clear details, give your followers the support they need, avoid over-promoting, buy likes, connect with other Facebook pages, add a “like” plugin on your site.

  1. Have A Link To Your Page On Your Personal Profile

You see, people who come to your wall want to know more about you before they see what kind of content you share on your wall, right?

Your wall tells them the kind of person you are. They can later decide if it’s worth having a business relationship with you or not. So, make it possible to see links to your Facebook pages on your personal Facebook profile.

Thanks to Facebook. They have made it possible for friends of those who like your page to see that their friends liked your page thus increasing the chances of them liking your page, too.

  1. Ensure Your “About” Section Has Full But Relevant Details

The biggest mistake you can make is not to provide full details about your page or to provide wrong and irrelevant details. See, the details on your “About” section tells visitors what your page is all about. Believe me, if you give full and relevant details, most people will like your page and follow you.

Why? The details enhance your trustworthiness. That is it.

  1. Give Your Followers Support

If your followers cannot get the help they expect from you; they’ll never be convinced to like your page. As a matter of fact, they will unfollow it. So, be kind and reply to their comments. If they do not ask questions, appreciate them for leaving a comment on your page.

That is what shows that your page is active and helpful thus increasing likes.

  1. Buy likes

We are talking about simple ways, right? Buying ‘likes” is one of the easiest, fastest, and most convenient ways of increasing your “likes”. So, where do you buy them? There are a few popular places like The Social10x website that sells them. And it’s simple. You only need to tell them your budget so that they tell you how many likes you qualify for.

Once you pay for the likes, you just need to post your content and allow this site to take care of the likes.

  1. Connect With Other Facebook Pages

Anytime you make a post, the probability of those who are not your followers seeing your post is low not unless people share the content, right? Why then not do yourself a favor and connect with other Facebook pages by commenting on their pages and giving crucial, helpful information?

People on that page, will take note of you and want to visit your page so that they get more information from you. You’ll not need to ask them to like your page. They’ll do it. Period.

  1. Add A “Like” Button On Your Site

Did you know that a like button plug-in is crucial because it is what helps people to show their love for what you post? Each like indicates that the person is interested in what you are offering and is willing to get more from you.

Therefore, always include your Facebook like button on your site so that anyone who visits your site and loves your content can react by clicking on the like button.

  1. Avoid Over Promoting

It’s bad and unprofessional. A study shows that people hate instances where page owners ask them to download an App without a good reason as to why they need to do so. Also, telling people to click on a particular link to buy a product or service without telling them how they will benefit from what you’re selling make them scroll down to other pages. You don’t want that.

Plus, if you over promote, Facebook will limit your Page’s organic reach. That automatically means your page won’t be accessible. In return, there’ll be no likes.

To You Now

The ways above are simple and anyone, including you, can apply them. You never know the impact they can cause on your Facebook likes until you implement them. Go ahead, do it, and tell others about them.



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