7 Software College Students Need to Start School

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For better academic performance, it is essential for students to purchase necessary gadgets like laptops, PCs, or tablets. But owning such a gadget is only the first step to achieving better performance. The next step is to install certain software. However, it might be difficult for students to determine the one that will definitely come in handy and simplify the studying process.

Most students blindly believe that installing a browser and some basic software is already enough. But in this way, they only miss the opportunity to take advantage of various apps, platforms, and services designed to assist students and make their school year easier to handle.

For instance, people who are struggling with assignments like writing essays can check out trusted essay service, where they can reach out to specialists who will craft splendid papers for them. Luckily, the free software market has massively expanded, and you will find a wide range of tools regarding what you are studying.

This article will highlight a list of the most useful and user-friendly software that is essential for remaining productive and successful during academic years.


Microsoft Office 365

This software is one the tools that include an entire array of different tools that will help you advance in your studies. In addition to the same application like PowerPoint, the traditional version contains, Microsoft Office 365 also has a new interface and provides people with products such as:

  • Publisher
  • Planner
  • OneDrive
  • Exchange
  • SharePoint
  • Access
  • Microsoft Teams

The quantity of these additional tools will depend upon the plan you purchase.

With the help of this software, when working in a team, you can collaborate and work on the same project. Besides, if you can’t finish the assignment in due time or you have a poor internet connection, you can save the file to a shared drive so that your teammates can work on it for you.

The good thing is that you can run Microsoft Office 365 when using Windows 7 or higher. If you are a Mac user, you can only run this software when using macOS X 10.10.



  • Affordable rates
  • Remote access to files
  • Cloud-based security of the documents


  • Compatibility issues with OS
  • Internet reliability

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

If you are studying photography or design, Adobe Photoshop is a must-have. With the help of this tool, you can add amazing effects and graphics to your pictures and turn them into masterpieces, store and organize them.

Fortunately, students can get Photoshop as part of Adobe Creative Cloud at over 60% off. Even though it might seem expensive, you will not regret buying it as you will have access to 20 applications, including the graphics editor Adobe Illustrator and the video editor Premiere Pro. Plus, you will get 100GB of cloud storage for your projects.


  • Professional color grading
  • Advanced features
  • Cloud-based storage


  • Costly
  • No batch works
  • Steep learning curve



When it comes to office suites, people usually use the default Microsoft Office applications that require monthly, annual, or even a one-off payment. The best thing about LibreOffice is that it’s completely free of charge for everyone. This software will advance you in your studies and perfectly demonstrates that great tools don’t necessarily cost the Earth.

LibreOffice is a known competitor of Microsoft Office. Indeed, it is also fully compatible with the famous office suite. For instance, in comparison with other free office suites such as WPS Office, LibreOffice doesn’t have any advertising and contains the same applications such as:

  • word processor
  • spreadsheet
  • presentation tool
  • database
  • formulae app
  • vector graphics editor



Zoom is one of the best free software that is used for holding video calls and meetings. Whether you use it to keep in touch with professors or to catch up with family members or friends, Zoom will provide you with brilliant communication and remote working possibilities.

In regard to recent security improvements, it has become much easier to lock down your meetings. Besides, if you don’t want to pay for the subscription, you will still have the possibility to hold meetings of up to 40 minutes in length with about 100 participants.

Apart from video conferencing, this software offers screen sharing, scheduling, and some privacy features like background blurring. You can use Zoom for conducting meetings at any remote location, but make sure your internet connection is stable. In general, it’s a simple and flexible software that has become the backbone of online education.


  • User-friendly
  • Supports a large number of participants


  • Lack of comment control
  • Internet reliability



The service is designed to be used not only by design experts but by beginners too. Those who do such work occasionally will also be able to create content using the web resource. Canva is much easier to manage than Adobe Photoshop as you don’t need to draw a picture from scratch in it.

When creating a design, you can use a drag-and-drop method. The user takes ready-made elements and constructs an image from them. To quickly find the right piece and create unique works, you only need to get acquainted with all the templates, downloads, backgrounds, elements, texts, and styles beforehand.

By the way, you can use the graphics editor not only from your computer. There are mobile apps for iOS and Android gadgets. You can create a design in one account and edit it in another by synchronizing your devices with each other. That is, you can make a draft on your work computer, continue on your smartphone on the way home, and finish the design on your home PC.

Canva is also a great choice for college projects that involve more than two students, as it is simple to integrate and collaborate.


  • User-friendly
  • Customizable templates
  • Around 8,000 templates (business cards, posters, resumes, invitations, etc.) for free
  • Intuitive interface


  • Alignment issues
  • Templates can be used by other enterprises
  • Internet and hardware reliability



This is one of the best online note-taking applications. You can create and edit notes through any computer with a web browser or phone as it syncs across two devices (the mobile apps are also free). You can save pictures, web pages, voice notes, text, basically anything you want.

What really comes in handy is that when you take a photo of a handwritten note (if it’s readable), Evernote automatically recognizes the text and saves it to a separate file. In general, students have around four classes a day. Now imagine how many notes they would take. If you have no place to organize your papers, they can easily get lost. But with the help of Evernote, you will never lose them and can store everything here as it lets you upload 60MB of data per month.


  • It’s easy to search for notes
  • Amazing features


  • Limited free services
  • Expensive premium plan



It is one of the best technologies that can help you in 3D modeling. Autodesk’s Maya software uses polygons to create models. We can say it’s beginner-friendly as Maya uses simple geometry based on edges, faces, and vertices. However, even professionals have something to learn: in the software, you can create models with geometric entities and curves by means of NURBS.

A large library is available to Maya users for creating detailed polygonal meshes as well as symmetrical models. The intuitive modeling package is useful for those who want to create objects with non-standard shapes.


  • High-level animation
  • A wide variety of visual effects


  • Interface Difficulties
  • Costly

Pursuing higher education might require purchasing certain software. Not all of them are budget-friendly and meet your requirements. However, in regard to this article, you can find both free and paid tools you need to try out to succeed in your academic performance.

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