7 Things You Must Know Before Buying a Gaming Hard Drive

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Gaming Hard Drive

A hard drive, popularly known as a hard disk drive (HDD), offers fixed storage solutions to your gaming device. It’s found on laptops, desktops, and other gaming devices. HDDs employ magnetic technology in storing and retrieving gaming data.

It’s usually advisable to buy gaming drives after a few years of usage, either to increase the storage space of your existing hard drive or to replace an overwhelmed HDD.

But considering that there are so many HDD options in the market, it’s good to know what to expect when shopping. Before you buy your gaming hard drive, here are 7 things to know:

  1. HDD Vs SSD (Solid State Drive)

Most buyers assume that the two are similar because they perform the same functions. However, they are not. While HDDs use rotating magnetic disks to store the gaming data, SSDs use flash memory. However, the biggest and most important difference is that HDDs have more data storage capacities than SSDs when both options are at the same price level.

  1. Eternal HDD Vs Internal HDD

Are you planning to house the hard drive inside your computer or are you looking for a portable option? If you prefer the former, you need to shop for an internal HDD, but if you consider the latter, then your ideal pick should be an external hard drive.

  1. SATA Vs IDE

Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (or SATA) drives are replacing Integrated Drive Electronics (IDEs) since they enjoy faster data transfer speed. If your computer is an old one, it’s likely that it has an IDE. So, toss the drive away and replace it with a SATA.

  1. Get the Storage Size Right

HDDs come in either 3.5-inch form factors or 2.5-inch form factors. If your gaming device is a desktop, the appropriate choice is the 3.5-inch drive as it gives you a maximum storage capacity of 12TB. If it’s a laptop, then you should opt for the 2.5-inch drive since it gives you a storage capacity of up to 4TB.

  1. Know the HDD’s Specifications

Other than the storage capacity, you should consider these two provisions:

  • Transfer speed Go for an HDD that has a higher RPM (revolutions per minute) since it guarantees fast data transfer.
  • Cache space Considering that the modern gaming drives have 8-256 MB cache space, you should always go for a higher value so as to enjoy faster data storage.
  1. The Option of Cloud Storage

So many HDDs give you the option of storing your gaming data into the cloud. This has two advantages. One, it guarantees you data security in the event that your device gets corrupted. Secondly, you can access your data from any internet-enabled device.

  1. The Prices Differ Depending on Capacity and Performance

As you shop, you’ll realize a wide price range for hard drives. So, pick one that suits your gaming needs and fits your budget. As expected, the more the storage capacity and transfer speed, the costlier the hard drive.

There are great hard drives in the market today that will meet all your storage needs. You just need to shop right. With the above pointers in mind, it will be easy to find the hard drive that suits you.


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