7 Useful Tricks And Tips About Satisfactory

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The satisfactory tutorial is quite decent and really helps you guiding through how to harvest, build, and research, the hand-holding stops somewhat early. And there are a lot of things the game doesn’t tell at all, leaving you to find them out for yourself or Google and read around. Here are some tips that will make your Satisfactory experience much better!


Replace Conveyors Without Deconstructing The Old One

For most of my playthrough, I was dismantling conveyor belts to replace them with faster new ones. I only recently realized that you can upgrade them without any deconstruction, which means no delays to your production line. Simply select a new conveyor than the one you want to replace, point at the belt, and left-click to build. It will replace the belt and leave on everything that was already there, its faster and less hassle to upgrade a million-mile conveyer.


Connect Your Power Grid

This is a good exercise to learn early. That is connecting all of your power production buildings to the same power grid. For example, the two Biomass Burners on your HUB should have a wire going from each of them into the very power pole, which will make your highest available power 40MW instead of 20MW. Once your power grid and industry get more complex, it will be necessary to have them all in the same place.


Splitters and Mergers Can Be Built on Belts

I was so happy to know this one. I was annoyed with only being able to place mergers and splitters on the ground and preparing my belts around them. Then I discovered that you can just aim a merger or splitter at an already-created belt, and it will create it already attached! This enables you to make mergers and splitters that “float” in the air.

Personally, I use this a lot in sequences with Stackable Conveyor Poles. If I have two levels of transporting the same article, I just connect them with a merger and splitter if they need adjusting. As long as you don’t create them right on top of each other, it should be simple to build a belt that joins the two levels.


Space Bar Does the Same as Mouse Button in the Craft Bench

Holding down your mouse button can be very tiring thing when you are producing something manually. Even worse if you “automate” the crafting process by setting something on your mouse button and walking away. Luckily, holding the space bar is an option! This is often much easier than holding the mouse button, and you can always put something on the space bar to craft automatically and you got time to check on your phone.


Hold Ctrl to Move all of an Item

When moving more than one stack of an item from one place to another, you would probably just move or double click the item in your inventory to move it over. But if you hold the Ctrl key while moving, you will move all stacks of that item all at once! This can save a lot of time when moving around huge quantities of the same item.


Healing Items Don’t Grow Back

Don’t get too happy about finding a paleberry bush near your base  or save the plant from your rover because as soon as you pick up that item, it’s gone and won’t grow back ever. That means there is a limit to how many times you can heal up, but in reality, you probably won’t need to worry about that.

Some players reported that health items grow back, but they said it took 40 in-game hours for this to happen.


Concrete Can Get You Anywhere

There are a lot of things in Satisfactory that seem really obvious once you know about them. One of them is the ability to build bridges or ramps out of concrete. I’ve created myself out of many canyons after falling in, and over several chasms to get to important resources. If you’re making a temp structure, you can just dismantle all the pieces when you’re done. Remember, you can go anywhere in this game as long as you have the resources to get in and out of it.


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