700 Hours Spent Making Warcraft’s Most Legendary Blade in Gold and Silver

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Warcraft's Most Legendary Blade in Gold and Silver

Febo is a professional jeweler with over ten years of experience, and a couple of years ago opened his own company and now has his own workshop. Febo started playing Warcraft games when he was 12 and, basically, his two passions are jewelry and fantasy games.

He chose Frostmourne as his first high-end project because “I played the game for a very long time”, which I think many of us will relate to. “Because Frostmourne has been in the lore since 2004 in different games and expansions I had to choose which design I would use as a reference,” says Febo. “I used the design from Warcraft Reforged, and I know everyone hates Reforged, but to me, that’s still the most pleasing version of Frostmourne and it’s definitely got the most details: and I like details!”

As you can see in the video below, being a professional jeweler means you are an absolute badass who twists and weaves precious metals with tremendous heat. This is one of those ‘process’ videos that are kind of mesmerizing to watch, just because of the combination of Febo’s skillset and seeing all the kit jewelers use: plus the way all these hundreds of separate components are mapped out, executed flawlessly, and ultimately incorporated into something beautiful.


As fan projects go, the only thing you can say is ‘awesome’. This is clearly also a professional project made with tremendous skill, and thus sadly not something you’ll be seeing for sale anytime soon. Febo has been asked and he replied. “The piece was not made for sale, but it would be very very expensive!”

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