8 Amazing Website Design Trends for 2021

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Website Design Trends

When you create your website, you expect it to grab your viewers’ attention. Almost 95% of the visitor’s first impression of your business will largely depend on your website design

This is why your web design should always keep up with the latest design trends. Incorporating the latest design trends ensures your website looks current, updated, and maintained. 

We have outlined various web design trends for 2021 to make your website stand out from the rest.


8. Dark Mode

The dark mode is a website design that has dominated most of 2020. In recent years, the dark view mode has gained a lot of popularity from users worldwide. Top websites and apps such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Instagram, WhatsApp, and Chrome have adopted the black mode design one after the other.

A dark mode theme is easy on the eyes; it’s also great for increasing contrast and making elements more visible. Additionally, the dark mode has been linked with saving battery life and energy consumption on most gadgets. 


7. Minimalism

The minimalism theme is focused on ensuring simplicity and eliminating excess design elements.  Minimalism theory uses the less is more approach. It uses a less visual style and more of a design principle focusing on the essential elements only. These elements include basic shapes, clean text, space, and clean text to create a simple and attractive website design.

One of the most effective ways of achieving a successive minimalist design is by doing away with heavy paragraphs and using a high-quality image or video that conveys the same intended message. 


6. Videos as Design Elements

If you want to engage your audience more energetically and visually on your site, a video will be the most effective tool. You can add videos anywhere on your site to add a feel of personality and creativity. 


5. Shapes and Abstract Designs

Shapes have been considered to be basic forms of visual design elements. Visual art uses a blend of shapes, and colors to express a mood or convey meaning. Shapes can be used as a background to add color, frame content, or assist your text to stand out from the rest. For web designers, abstract art brings visual interest to websites that rely on just a colored background or text.


4. Illustration

The popularity of illustration as a form of digital art has been observed across graphic design and website design users. 

Illustrations have been effectively used to give your website a welcoming feel to your web design. 


3. Comfortable colors

Nowadays, many people use computers and stare at the screen for long periods. Because of this, most computer users are experiencing eye strain. When using color schemes for websites, most web designers choose color schemes that are friendly to the users’ eyes.

There are a variety of pastel tones that provide users with a comfortable viewing experience. In 2021, black and white color schemes will be embraced by most users. A dark website creates a sleek and classic look and is friendly to the eyes.

 With a black and white themed website, sticking to a minimalist theme with black and white elements would be more effective.


2. Scroll Effects

Scrolling is a form of interaction and participation. When a user scrolls up and down a web page, they interact with the page by causing a response on the screen. Scrolling effects are zooming in and out, scrolling horizontally, and implementing transformation from one section to another. 

Web designers are working on making better visual feedback users get when scrolling. The transition can range from full-color schemes to animated backgrounds as well as a layout shift. Designers are putting in all ways possible to ensure your scrolling experience is pleasing.


1. Accessibility

More than ever, the digital world has become a normal part of most people’s lives globally. The physically disabled included. Web experts are paying attention to this critical feature to accommodate every user equally. 

For easy navigation, your website ought to have large texts, strong contrasting colors, and alt tags for images to make your website easy to navigate. Allowing accessibility increases a website’s chance of ranking higher on the search engines.


Bonus: Animation

Animation has everything to do with story-telling to catch the visitor’s impression. Web designers are using animated backgrounds to animated texts. Animations can be used to tell a story, display a manufacturing process, or display charismatic heroes through your team. 

An animated background enables the user to learn more about the company. Animation can lure users into making certain actions when used strategically. For example, when you apply an animation to a call-to-action button, the chances of getting a user to want to know more is higher.

Technology is changing fast by the day; website design trends have not been left behind. Websites are becoming an increasingly common part of our life. There are so many predictions on how website design trends will unfold over the coming years. 

Most of the proposed web designs will take the web by storm in 2021. However, there are a few trends that will still be relevant in the coming years. We expect to see eye-catching websites in 2021 that will use video and animation to increase user experience. Updating your website to a more user-friendly interface can positively impact your business or company.

Ron Evan is a Digital Marketing Specialist and a writer who takes his time writing articles about traveling, psychology, and digital marketing. He learned about the digital marketing industry accidentally almost four years ago. He is currently based in Taiwan, taking up an MBA degree with a focus on Marketing. During his free time, he enjoys going to karaoke, window shopping, and watching Netflix.

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