8 Banned Android Apps 

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Google has more than 1 million apps in the Play Store, however, there are some particular apps that you will not find there. Why is that so? Google has tightened the regulations for Android Apps and nowadays, it simply removes the apps that violate those regulations. As a result, there are no ad-blocking apps or apps that can download music or video from YouTube directly. Here is a list of Apps which Google prefer to ban, What you think about Google’s regulations? Tyranny or keeping things in order?

8. MIUI Music


This app is the default music app in the Xiaomi phones. It allows you to download music on your smartphone for free. The experience is similar to using Spotify Premium – minus the payment though.

7. Amazon Appstore


This app store is perhaps the largest rival Google Play Store is facing. It was launched in China before Google Play Store came out and features a daily free app promo.

6. TubeMate


This app was once available on Google Play Store, but is no longer available ever since the regulations were tightened. The app allows user to download videos directly from YouTube.

5. Dood’s Music Streamer


This app has been designed to be neat and easy to use. It allows users to download and stream all the music they want and is capable of even caching the songs for offline playback.

4. AdAway


This app will help you get rid of any ads that are being displayed on Android. Google banned it because ads are the bread and butter of Google.

3. Snes9x


This qualifies as the best emulator, however, the app was still pulled off from Play Store. It allows users to enjoy vintage games.

2. Grooveshark


Grooveshark needs no introduction. It is one of the most popular music streaming services out there.

1. TV Portal


Hulu isn’t supported in your area? Get the alternative: TV portal. Although it doesn’t feature high definition videos, our guess is you could still work with the quality considering that it’s free.


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