8-Bit Accordion Made From Two Commodore 64s With Floppy Disc Bellows

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Commodore 64

Electronic musician Linus Åkesson constructed “The Commodoridian”, a working 8-bit accordion created from two Commodore 64 with floppy disks used as the bellows. Åkesson first described how his bespoke device worked, stating that the basics were the same as a standard accordion, but there were also distinct differences.

This is my latest invention the Commodoreon, two c64s attached to a bellow made out of floppy disks and tape. Just as on a regular accordion, the right hand plays melodies and the left hand plays chords. The bellows control the volume. …Unlike a regular accordion when you hold the bellows quite still, the volume doesn’t drop all the way to zero and this is deliberate. It’s because the left hand side also functions as a rhythm box where you can record a short loop to enter programming mode with shift lock.

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