8 Most Important Changes That Have Taken Place in Games Over the Past Decade

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Many video games that we love today were made possible thanks to changes, although it may not seem so. These 8 games changed overnight at the last minute, with modifications that may seem small or insignificant, but are responsible for the good (or bad) result.

Do you want to know what those last-minute changes are before you check out these online casino reviews with minimum deposit? Well, pay attention, because these 8 examples would not have been what they are without these last-second changes that saved (or not) great video games.

The Last of Us Part 2

The Last of Us | A Different Ending

There is no doubt that the ending of The Last of Us is one of the most surprising and shocking of recent years. As you already know, Joel ends up saving Ellie when he learns that, to extract the cure for the virus, it is necessary for the girl to die. This implies that both characters remain united, but commit humanity to a depressing future of lies and human frailties.

However, the original ending was not like this. Neil Druckmann was going to give greater emphasis to Tess as a villain, giving the possibility to Ellie to finish her off at the end of the game. This outcome did not end up convincing the director of The Last of Us, as it was not in line with the meaning he wanted to give to the game.

Days Gone

Days Gone | Protagonist Development

Bend Studio’s open-world game was announced at E3 2016 and was initially going to be a simpler, more brutal adventure than it ended up being. And perhaps, the aspect that its creators polished the most was the game’s protagonist, Deacon St. John, who was originally going to be an anti-hero leading his own biker gang, more visceral and with hardly any backstory or character development.

However, Bend Studio decided to give Deacon a greater dimension, ironing out these rough edges of the character and adding sentimental motivations. This made Deacon a hero to identify with, enhancing the story of the game and the situations we live in it.

Borderlands | Different Art Style

It seems unbelievable to think that Borderlands was not going to be a game with a cell-shading art style, but it is. Initially, and even up to a year before the game’s release, Borderlands was going to be very different from what it was.

Although it was risky, its creators decided to opt for this cell-shading art style and polish the development of the PC and console game…until finally, Borderlands saw the light of day in (almost) 2010. And it was precisely this artistic style that set it apart from other games of its genre, and to this day is one of the hallmarks of this saga, which is now in its third installment.


God of War | Including Atreus

If at this point we tell you that Atreus, the son of Kratos, was not going to be present in God of War (2018), surely your face turns into disbelief. But so it is. Cory Balrog was worried that including a companion in the adventure would not please fans of the saga, since in previous installments we only handled Kratos.

Fortunately, finally, both Santa Monica and Sony decided to include Kratos’ son in the PS4 game. Of course, a lot of dialogues were removed and his AI was adjusted to be less annoying, something that is far from what we can see in the first trailer of the game. 

BioShock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite | Removal of the Online Multiplayer 

In the middle of the PS3 and Xbox 360 generation, it was common for many iconic single-player sagas to incorporate a multiplayer mode, due to the rise of these game modes. The first BioShock did not have online, but BioShock 2 did, as well as other games focused on the campaign mode like Spec-Ops The Line, Mass Effect 3 or Dead Space 2 and 3…and BioShock Infinite was going to follow the same path, but it was discarded.

Due to problems and the opinion that this multiplayer was not up to par, the team at Irrational Games decided to dispense with it and focus the game entirely on the single-player experience.

Dead Island

Dead Island | Different Tone

Sure, you remember the Dead Island announcement trailer, which presented us with a more serious, apocalyptic horror experience with a deep plot, in the style of what we saw in The Walking Dead.

Well, nothing could be further from the truth. Its creators used this trailer as a marketing maneuver. Dead Island was a sarcastic madness, with tons of gore, all kinds of weapons and items, survival and fun galore…but by then it had already left many speechless, thanks to its announcement trailer.

Diablo III

Diablo III | Removal of the Auction House

After years of waiting, Diablo III finally arrived from the hand of Blizzard, for all the fans who were hooked on the saga with Diablo II. And the game was excellent, but it had a serious problem… the Auction House. Announced as an optional model with micropayments, here we could buy and sell game items using gold or real money, but that did not please players at all.

Despite being told that it would not hinder those who did not want to spend real money, little by little these Auction House ideas were boosted, to the point of being annoying. Fortunately, Blizzard realized and listened to the community, gradually withdrawing this loot system.


Fortnite | Betting on Battle Royale

Today we all know Fortnite as the free-to-play par excellence, with tons of content, characters on PC and consoles, and seasons full of spectacularity and large-scale events. But Epic’s game was not conceived as such, and in fact, at its launch, it was a nice PvE (cooperative) shooter focused on building bases and defending them (now known as Save the World mode).

The real big hit came at the last minute when Epic decided to overshadow PUBG by implementing a PvP Battle Royale mode, easy to learn, free, and available on all consoles, PC and mobile. The maneuver was so perfect that it gradually became the true king of online multiplayer.

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