8 Things You Need To Be A Pro Gamer In 2020

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The career of a professional gamer has looked attractive to many video game enthusiasts since the hobby began. Unfortunately, actually becoming a pro gamer isn’t anywhere near as easy as many people think it is. In order to become a pro gamer, you need skills above and beyond the average player. Dedicating yourself entirely to the craft is a completely necessary step; you must cease to think of gaming as a hobby entirely and start considering it a job, something that you have to do in order to make a living. If you’re considering becoming a pro gamer, you should think about whether you possess the right qualities. Here are 8 things you’ll need in order to become a pro gamer in 2020.


1. The right setup

No gamer ever went pro with a mediocre gaming PC. If you want to go professional, then you’ll need the rig to match. Building a good-quality gaming PC doesn’t have to be quite as prohibitively expensive as people think it does, but it will certainly set you back at least a little money if you’re thinking about putting something truly powerful together. High-end components can regularly mean your gaming PC will run you thousands of pounds, so if you’re not ready to commit to that kind of spending, you can build a reasonable mid-range machine that won’t set you back quite as much. You’ll still be able to play the vast majority of esports games with a machine like that.


2. Experience in other areas

As a pro gamer, you may often be expected to call on the experience you’ve obtained in other areas besides strictly esports gaming. Let’s take online casino gaming, for example. You might not think that online casino gaming would give you any solid experience for professional gaming, but you’d be wrong. It can help you develop a head for numbers and give you the discernment necessary to help you figure out which esports games you love and which ones you’re not so good at. If you’re interested in starting up some online casino gaming, head over to NettiCasinoHEX to see where the best platforms on the web are for doing so – you’ll be able to use that experience for your new esports career!


3. Knowledge of platforms 

Whether you’re heading into the world of esports or you’re looking to set up a Twitch or Mixer channel and become a streamer, having knowledge of the platforms you’ll be working with is essential. This goes for esports, too; if you want to break into the esports scene, you should know who the most prominent teams are, what the most important events of the year are, and what the most popular esports games are at any given time. Knowing these things will help you make your way through whichever gaming world you’ve decided to inhabit.


4. Good reflexes

It might go without saying, but to be a professional gamer, you’ll have to have good reflexes. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be of a certain age – many pro gamers defy supposed soft age restrictions – but it does mean you’ll need to carefully hone and train your reflexes to keep up with other pros. Contrary to what others say, it is perfectly possible to improve your reflexes no matter how old you may be. Simply playing video games will significantly improve your hand-eye coordination, but so will physical sports, your diet, and a good sleep routine.


5. Dedication and patience

There’s almost no quality more important in a budding professional gamer than that of dedication. If you’re dedicated to your craft, then you’ll be able to take any setback (and there will be many along the way) in your stride. Similarly, patience is essential. Not only will patience help you when you’re waiting for certain opportunities to manifest themselves, but it’s also a crucial skill for the games themselves. After all, if you’re losing a game, being dedicated to victory and being patient could help you turn it around and could be the difference between victory and defeat.


6. A little money saved up 

Being a professional gamer – and chasing the dream of becoming one – is not easy, and it’s certainly not cheap. Before you haphazardly quit your day job in pursuit of the one thing you’ve always dreamed of doing, consider sticking it out for just a little longer in order to amass some funds. Having money in the bank that’s ready for those moments when you’re struggling will help enormously, especially if you’re able to save up enough to live on while you search for those gaming opportunities. Going into a career change without money in the bank could be dangerous.


7. Community spirit

As a pro gamer – or as someone who’s interested in becoming a pro gamer – you should be trying to engage with the esports or streaming community (or both) at any opportunity. Reddit is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for a platform for community discussion, as it’s essentially replaced individual forums around the world. Similarly, when you’re at pro gaming events or gaming conventions, don’t be afraid to mingle and introduce yourself. Networking is just as important for gamers as it is for anyone else in any other profession!


8. Anger management

Trust us – when you lose a game, you’re going to get angry, especially at first. If you’re the kind of person who routinely rage quits when they lose a game, it might be worth indulging in a little self-reflection before you start down the path of becoming a pro gamer. Pro gaming simply does not have room for rage quitting, so if you do find yourself getting angry every time you lose or every time something doesn’t go your way, this is a skill you’ll need to work on. It’s important to take regular breaks to fend off rage, and you should be thinking hard about what the underlying cause of your anger is, too.    

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