8 Unusual Careers That Can Be Highly Rewarding

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Gone are the days of the classic jobs (doctor, lawyer, and teacher). It’s the modern era where thousands of career choices exist. In this age of competition, if you would like to differentiate yourself from the pack, I present to you some unusual careers.

It is highly unlikely you have heard of these job titles before. They will make you scratch your head wondering what they do.

Without further ado, let’s check out these uncommon yet exciting career choices:


1: Waterslide Tester

It is one of the jobs that will take you around the world. Landing on this job is hard but if you are selected, then you will be working for 6 months out of the year and earn $30,904. If I was a waterslide tester, I would spend the remaining six months traveling and watching all the shows I have missed on my Spectrum TV!

The compensation package also includes travel expenses. Sounds fun right? But this job isn’t all fun. You must provide detailed information about the slide’s speed, and safety issues, and describe the experience.


2: Orthotist and Prosthetist

These titles are two of the most underrated jobs in healthcare. However, their services are extremely vital to those who have lost their limbs. These professionals design prosthetics like braces and artificial limbs and others.

To work as a prosthetist, you will need a master’s degree in prosthetics. To become a certified prosthetic, you must also complete an accredited 1-year residency program. In some states of the USA, you might also need a license. The average salary of prosthetists is $68,410.


3: Professional Bridesmaid

If you have been a bridesmaid plenty of time, then turn this quirk into a profession and become a professional bridesmaid. This position entails being involved in the entire process of the wedding from arranging it to walking down the aisle with the bride.


4: Greensman

Greesman is a movie job in which you are in charge of designing and arranging plants and related materials on the film set.

This job is perfect for those who love plants and are ready to use their artistic skills to create a whole new world. The average salary of Greensman ranges from $26,000 to $84,000.


5: Genetic Counselor

A genetic counselor helps the risk for inherited conditions in people. They start by gathering health information, suggesting tests, and providing consultation reports. Pediatric, cancer, and prenatal are the common specialties in the field of genetic counseling.

Some states require a genetic counselor to gain a license prior to starting their practice. They may also attain a professional certification. It is a very unique job that pays a median salary of $81,880.


6: Crisp Inspector

You have got it right, the job of a crisp inspector is to check the quality of the crisp before they are packed in the bag. They must identify overcooked, irregular, and misshapen crisps.

Walkers, a well-known brand 2017 announced a vacancy for a part-time position of a super tester. They were willing to pay £8.51 an hour to describe the taste of the snack. All you had to do is eat the snacks.


7: Food Stylist

Those sumptuous shots of food in the magazines and restaurant commercials don’t come easy. The services of a food stylist are required to make it happen.

Much like a fashion expert, you must have creative styles, cooking skills, and a range of tools to make the food look drooling.

If you have an eye for design and you call yourself a foodie, this job provides a creative outlet without having to spend all day in the kitchen! The average salary of a food stylist ranges between the bracket of $26,000 and $77,000.

8: Chief Listening Officer

CLOs monitor social media platforms and the conservations happening there to keep an eye and ear on what is being said about their brand. They must respond to any complaints, issues, and misinformation immediately.

This is a fairly new position. Forbes says that the first-ever Chief Listening Officer position was created in the year 2010. Since more and more organizations are relying on social media for customer support and market research, the position of Chief Listening Officer is becoming important. And you can earn an average salary between $31,000 and $95,000.

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