8BitDo Revealed The First Official Wireless Arcade Stick For Xbox

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Wireless Arcade Stick For Xbox

Exciting news from accessory maker 8BitDo! They have recently unveiled their latest creation, the very first officially licensed wireless arcade stick for Xbox. Set to launch on June 30th, 2023, this innovative gaming accessory offers compatibility with a range of Xbox platforms, including Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and Windows PC.

Priced at $119.99 USD, the 8BitDo Arcade Stick for Xbox will be available for pre-order starting today via Amazon. Gamers worldwide will have the opportunity to get their hands on this remarkable device, which comes in two sleek colors: black and white.

The 8BitDo Arcade Stick for Xbox boasts an array of impressive features designed to enhance your gaming experience. With fast-mapping and profile buttons, you can easily configure the controls to suit your playstyle. Additionally, the inclusion of a 3.5mm audio jack with volume control allows for seamless audio integration. Whether you prefer wireless freedom or prefer a wired connection, this arcade stick provides you with the option to choose.

One standout feature of the 8BitDo Arcade Stick for Xbox is its universal joystick mounting plate. This unique feature supports compatibility with “virtually every arcade stick ever made.” This means that you can effortlessly swap out arcade buttons, providing a truly customizable experience tailored to your preferences.

Moreover, the 8BitDo Arcade Stick for Xbox comes bundled with the 8BitDo Ultimate Software. This powerful software grants you full control over the customization of your joystick. With the Ultimate Software, you can fine-tune and personalize every aspect of your device, ensuring optimal performance and precision during gameplay.

In terms of battery life, the 8BitDo Arcade Stick offers an impressive 30 hours of wireless playtime. However, if you prefer a wired connection, you have that option as well. This versatility ensures that you can enjoy uninterrupted gaming sessions without worrying about battery life.

With the official launch just around the corner, gaming enthusiasts and competitive players alike are eagerly anticipating the release of the 8BitDo Arcade Stick for Xbox. Its innovative features, broad compatibility, and extensive customization options make it a must-have accessory for anyone seeking an enhanced arcade gaming experience. Get ready to level up your gameplay with this remarkable device from 8BitDo.

Wireless Arcade Stick For Xbox

  • First Xbox-licensed wireless arcade stick worldwide.
  • Compatible with Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows 10 and above.
  • Wireless 2.4G or wired USB connectivity.
  • Support 8BitDo Ultimate Software. Customizable button mapping.
  • Fast-mapping and profile setting buttons. 3.5mm Audio Jack and volume control.
  • 30 play hours max with 4 hours charging time.

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