8BitDo’s Switch Pro Controller Gets The Game Boy Atomic Purple Treatment

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8BitDo's Switch Pro Controller

8BitDo has revealed a new fresh look for one of its best controllers, adding a translucent layer to the famous Pro 2 controller for Nintendo Switch. It’ll be available in two distinct shades of transparent plastic, a sleek black version or a more energetic purple edition that allows you to see the working internals of the device. The purple model looks similar to the Atomic Purple Game Boy Color, the first color that the GBC came in at release.

On the 8BitDo website, you can save $5 on the controller, which is going for $55 currently. It’s one of the best Switch controllers around, and worth adding to any gaming setup.

It features two Pro-level back buttons that you can assign any button function and macros to, a custom profile switch button that can swap between three profiles on the fly, and a 4-way mode switch button so that you can easily pair it with other platforms (such as PC, Mac, and Android) via Bluetooth.

Like other 8BitDo products, you’ll be able to fine-tune the controller to your personal tastes with the company’s custom software, which is also now available on Android and iOS. The software is quite comprehensive, and you’ll be able to modify analog stick sensitivity, vibration intensity, trigger ranges, and more.

What makes the controller special is that it was designed with both classic and modern games in mind. The Switch excels at retro gaming, so the Pro 2 is an obvious choice for those who want to play some older games. The D-pad is more prominently situated at the top, the battery life is around 20 hours, and its lightweight design comes in at 228 grams. Even with its retro inspirations, the Pro 2 is also one of the best Switch controllers for current gaming, too.

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