9 Feet Tall Iron Man Cosplay Suit

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9 Feet Tall Iron Man Cosplay Suit

Thomas DePetrillo of Extreme Costumes created this monster of the costume. According to the costume maker, the Hulkbuster is the single “most domineering thing” he had to do in life. He spent more than two years in making this impressive showpiece and more than 1600 man hours. Mostly made from EVA Foam, polycarbonate shell, Aluminium and a host of other materials, the suit cost him 3,000 dollars and weighs almost 95 pounds.

9 Feet Tall Iron Man Cosplay Suit

The media attention he won during the festival will benefit his designs and work in the coming days. He also won the Comic-con cosplay competition that rewards people on the best costume design. Like anybody else stood a chance against the Hulk! It was given the title of the most amazing cosplay of the event.

DePetrillo also admits that he enjoyed the constant attention of kids more than anything else.


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