9 Must Have Wearable Tech Gadgets

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The World Health Organisation recommends 60 minutes of physical activity for children to help their development. When you ask kids what they did during the day, usually their best answer is “I don’t know” or “I don’t remember”. On Miiya’s dedicated app, parents have access to a daily activity report, so they always know how active their children are.


A wearable band that analyzes your walking posture and helps you to walk healthy, provides your body balance & tracks your daily activities. But people just simply forget how important the proper walking habit is. Arki is a gentle coach that analyzes your unique walking patterns to help you walk right with confidence.


Experience wearable-optimized versions of exclusive ASUS ZenUI apps such as What’s Next and Do It Later, and enhanced functionality with ASUS smartphones. What’s Next will immediately remind you about the next important task or event, identify items that need a special reminder, and reduce the number of distractions so you can focus on what matters. Android Wear organizes your information, suggests what you need, and shows it to you before you even ask.


CHO H2 combines a tiny health, activity and 3D motion monitor with a wireless smart patch for sweat analysis. By monitoring hydration, lactic acid and calories in real-time, you’ll get the feedback you need to perform at your peak, increase endurance, and avoid exhaustion.


Everykey is the wristband that replaces keys and passwords. It’s sleek, secure, and can be deactivated at any time. Everykey is an innovative universal access device for everything that requires a physical key or password.


Lost anything important lately? Don’t let it happen again! Attach BTrace to your pet, wallet, key, or any other belonging and find it with your smartphone. The small size device operates from a smartphone application using the Bluetooth connection. BTrace application indicates by voice alarm or vibrates whenever the child or the object goes beyond the distance defined as a safe zone.


You can’t improve what you don’t measure, which is why we’ve created ShotTracker; the wearable tech that automatically tracks shot attempts makes and misses. ShotTracker® is wearable tech for the baller that automatically tracks your shot attempts, makes, and misses.


Listen to your favorite music tracks or take those long calls at night in a relaxing mood while wearing the Bluetooth Sleep Mask. On a single charge, it can play upto 6 hours of wireless music and blocks light for better sleeping. So you get the joy of a sleep mask and Bluetooth earphones from one single device which encourages better relaxation above anything else.


The Gaiteye Sensor is the new revolution within gait analysis taking the runner’s training analysis and performance monitoring to new heights. With Gaiteye, the new revolution within gait analysis, it is now possible to monitor up to 15 key biomechanical metrics in realtime leading to optimal running economy and reducing the risk of injury.


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