9 Super Awesome Elden Ring Mods

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Elden Ring Mods

It was thanks to the ingenuity of modders that the original PC port of Dark Souls reached a stable and respectable state. Once the technical wrinkles were ironed out, these talented individuals turned their attention to expanding and improving the game in numerous ways, constantly injecting fresh life into it. As years passed, those very same skilled modders shifted their focus to the latest and largest offering from FromSoftware, Elden Ring. Armed with ample time to learn the intricacies of the game, they went on to create an impressive array of mods that not only fixed nagging issues but also introduced entirely new ways to experience the game. Here, we highlight some of the best Elden Ring mods available:

1. How to Mod Elden Ring Given that Elden Ring is available on PC, the modding scene predominantly thrives there. For those new to modding, the process may initially seem daunting. However, rest assured, it is quite straightforward. There are numerous tutorial videos available, and even a brief three-minute tutorial can show you the basics of modding the game.

2. Seamless Co-op Elden Ring employs a more advanced summoning system compared to the Dark Souls series, but it still has some limitations. Notably, partners are often forced out of your game after defeating a boss or upon death. The Seamless Co-op mod aims to eliminate such interruptions, allowing you to play the entire game with a partner without any hindrances. It is a work in progress, but it already functions remarkably well.

3. Elden Ring Ultimate Cheat Engine Table After conquering Elden Ring multiple times, you might be curious about pushing the boundaries and experimenting with the game’s mechanics. The Elden Ring Ultimate Cheat Engine Table grants you the keys to the kingdom, enabling you to effectively mod the game yourself. You can create custom spells, spawn bosses, tweak stats, utilize freecam, and much more.

4. Elden Ring Item and Enemy Randomizer Randomizers are a beloved mod type across many games, as they can breathe new life into familiar experiences. The Elden Ring Item and Enemy Randomizer injects unpredictability into your playthrough, making all items, enemies, and bosses you encounter entirely random. Each time you play, you’ll face a fresh and unexpected challenge.

5. Easy Mode for Elden Ring For some players, Elden Ring’s notorious difficulty might deter them from fully enjoying the experience. The Easy Mode mod offers three different options to fine-tune the game’s challenge to your preferences: Damage Edit Only (reduces incoming damage and increases your damage output), Damage Tweak + 10x Rune (which includes the previous tweak and also grants double healing flasks and reduced weapon upgrade costs), and Personal Edit (which encompasses all prior adjustments along with additional benefits like removing weight limits and eliminating FP costs).

6. Performance Boost FromSoftware has made strides in improving its PC ports, but some issues still persist. To address this, mods like Performance Boost step in to optimize the game’s performance. With this mod installed, you can boost the frame rate, fix invisible enemies, and even remove taxing visual effects like rain, volumetric effects, and grass.

7. Berserker Armor and Dragon Slayer The iconic manga series “Berserk” has been a significant influence on FromSoftware’s games. The Berserker Armor and Dragon Slayer mod allows players to embody the Black Swordsman Guts, complete with his legendary armor and weapon, paying homage to this beloved inspiration.

8. Pause the Game Sometimes, life intervenes, and players need to take a momentary break from the game. The “Pause the Game” mod answers this universal need by granting players the ability to pause Elden Ring whenever they require.

9. NPCs and Bosses Spirit Summons Spirit Summons are a novel feature in Elden Ring, offering players ghostly companions to bring into battle. However, the NPCs and Bosses Spirit Summons mod elevates this aspect by adding a plethora of NPCs and bosses, such as Malenia and Radagon, as summonable allies.

With these mods and more, the modding community continues to enhance and extend the Elden Ring experience, ensuring that players can enjoy the game in fresh and exciting ways for years to come. Remember to follow modding guidelines carefully to avoid potential issues and immerse yourself in the countless possibilities these mods offer.

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