9 Things Top Students and Essay Writers Have in Common

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Trying to be the top student is a mature decision requiring much effort. Unlike Hermione Granger from Harry Potter, non-fictional students haven’t got the time-turner to be able to make the most of their college hours. The only way is to develop excellent time-management skills to make everyone wonder whether you have a magical device.

Most college students have a side job, so the number one priority is finding the work-study balance. Next, it is the ability to identify the most important subjects to focus on. Finally, it is worth remembering that being the best student is not only about good grades. You also want to dedicate some time to hobbies and hang out with friends. Easier said than done. Yet, nothing is impossible.

Oops, it looks like we forgot to mention one more important part of university life – tons of paperwork. Real top students know they can sometimes delegate this part to experienced essay writers who will produce excellent results if you make request “hire essay writer for best price”. At times, you may find yourself wondering who these incredible people are. Are they superheroes? In a way, they are, just like top students.

It may not seem as obvious to you, but essay writers and college scholars have a lot in common. If so, why can’t you produce such a brilliant essay on your own? The answer is simple: lack of time and a variety of other activities prevent you from this. Read on and find out how many similarities you can relate yourself to!


The Ability to Gather Information

Every scholar is in constant search of information. It used to be like that a hundred years ago, it is so now, and it always will be. Google search tabs replace library catalogs. Chat GPT replaces Google search tabs. Something else will replace the AI search algorithms, but the idea remains the same.

Upon receiving a new task, every essay writer starts searching for information as well. Moreover, both scholars and writers need to be able to choose credible sources. Then, based on the variety, they make conclusions and develop persuasive arguments. So far, it sounds pretty similar, doesn’t it?


Excellent Writing Skills

Professional writers can help students with their essays. Nevertheless, no scholar will be able to survive college years without the ability to communicate their ideas in writing. Every project or presentation requires this skill.

Source: https://www.freepik.com/free-photo/job-occupation-freelance-student-girl-writting-paper_11553674.htm

Both students and professional writers should be able to:

  • develop interesting and innovative ideas;
  • structure their writing clearly and logically;
  • use appropriate grammar and vocabulary;
  • present their ideas in a compelling way.


The Superpower of Meeting Deadlines

As a student, you probably have a side job that you need to combine with your studies. Likewise, essay writers need to find time for their personal commitments between creating paperwork for collegegoers. Both of you learned to produce high-quality results within a specific timeframe. Do you recognize yourself?



When you enter college, you move to another city. You start living in a dorm or on your own. You change your environment and start developing a new network of people. In other words, you adapt to the new stage of your life.

When your college professor is not happy with the results of your work, you try to improve it based on their feedback. Isn’t it the same as professional writers do when you provide them with new information for your essay?


Common Personal Qualities

Obviously, if people in these two occupations do so many similar tasks, they should also possess common qualities. This is probably something you have never thought of, but here is the list:

1.   Perseverance

The ability to keep working when things get tough distinguishes the top ones in any sphere.

2.   Curiosity

A good student and a professional writer should be like children. They should never stop asking the right questions. Why is often the key to some unexpected discoveries. Being genuinely curious and having the desire to learn more unites these two occupations.

3.   Open-Mindedness

The willingness to consider multiple perspectives is crucial for both.

4.   Creativity

Is it worth mentioning that no one will pay for dry, plain essays with no personal point of view? Do we need to say that top students cannot afford not to be creative (otherwise, others quickly outstrip them)?

5.   Self-Discipline

Despite that both are artistic souls, they have no right to be laid-back. Who is gifted enough to possess both creativity and self-discipline? Students and essay writers are.


How Can Essay Writers and Students Develop Their Skills?

If there is so much in common between these two occupations, there must be similar recommendations on how to keep being so great. Here they are:

  • Improve grammar and style

Both should read grammar books and attend writing workshops to develop their style. Of course, we are talking about different levels. Students can start with the basics, while professionals should pursue advanced opportunities.

  • Get feedback

Again, scholars should be in touch with professors, teachers, and fellows. Writers should be open to the feedback of their supervisors and customers. This is the only way to continue growing professionally.

  • Read widely

Benefit from a variety of different styles and genres. If scholars need to force themselves sometimes, you can be sure that all authors do it on a regular basis. So when you use paper writing services, you should never worry about the quality of the content. Only authors with a decent education and rich backgrounds are employed there.

We realize that the title of this article looks like one of these jokes. What do a computer and an air conditioner have in common? They both become useless when you open windows. But we did not want to show you a clever play on words.

We aimed to illustrate real similarities between essay writers and students. Who knows, perhaps this article will give you food for thought, and one day you’ll become a professional writer. As a student, you already have all the necessary qualities and skills.

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