900 Retro Arcade Games In Your Browser

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900 Retro Arcade Games In Your Browser

Do you love retro games and want to be surprised to see how many games you forgot with the passage of time? Head to Archive and emulation software that works through JavaScript, you can now play 900 retro arcade games. It is so cool to play all these retro games via your browser! I tried some of the games and they are great to play and the controls are not twitchy at all.

Jason Scott, who combined the MAME and JSMESS projects, had this to say about “The Internet Arcade”:

Of the roughly 900 arcade games (yes, nine hundred arcade games) up there, some are in pretty weird shape – vector games are an issue, scaling is broken for some, and some have control mechanisms that are just not going to translate to a keyboard or even a joypad. But damn if so many are good enough. More than good enough. In the right browser, on a speedy machine, it almost feels perfect.


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