999 Pairs of This Moon Landing-Inspired Shoes Are Being Made For 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Mission

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Moon Landing-Inspired Shoes

As America commemorates the “giant leap for mankind” on July 20, the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, Swiss brand, On, is making people recreate the “moonwalk” with a new, limited-edition sneaker — but only 999 pairs are available worldwide (50 pairs for the U.S.).

They will be launched on July 18, the Cloud Edge Moon was inspired by the vintage moon boot worn by Neil Armstrong during the historic Apollo 11 landing. The front and heel Velcro straps are two prominent features that closely mirror Armstrong’s lunar footwear. Each pair has a number printed on the front Velcro strap, indicating which shoe of the 999 pairs available around the world.

The back strap displays “MISSION MEMBER” with space for the owners to write their names. The Cloud Edge Moon’s platform is constructed of Zero Gravity Foam, for that “running on clouds” (or moon) sensation.

“While most of our shoes focus on elements that enhance training and performance, the Cloud Edge Moon is all about comfort and design,” said On co-founder David Allemann. “We also wanted to pay tribute to the thousands of people who made the Apollo 11 landing possible 50 years ago, especially the two daring astronauts who took on the mission.”

The Cloud Edge Moon retails at $250. Only 999 pairs of the limited-edition Cloud Edge Moon will be sold across the world, with 50 are allocated in the United States. The shoe is available for pre-order now and available for buy July 20.

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